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In his ballyhooed interview with the Royal Family’s favorite scribe, Piers Morgan, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reverted to neo-Con type, referring to Russia as a gas station with nuclear weapons and Vladimir Putin as a war criminal.  It was a loud and obnoxious flip-flop after DeSantis tried to court the antiwar MAGA movement by stating that the Ukraine war was a territorial dispute in which the U.S. should not become further involved. His neo-Con sponsors and globalist financial backers, including the Murdochs, went ballistic.  The “gas station” line in various forms has been a favorite of the war mongers John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Mitt Romney. 

In a video posted on Rumble, President Trump answered forcefully on Wednesday. Please watch it as you’ll get a sense of the real Donald Trump and not the bogus cartoon like character the media is constantly constructing.

Right off, the President notes that DeSantis’ resort to the recycled gas station phrase makes it impossible to negotiate peace.  It shows a complete lack of the “sophistication, subtlety, and appreciation of complexity” necessary to navigate foreign policy and the route to peace.  While reminding his audience that the Trump Administration had been very tough on Russia, he noted that he also showed respect, as President, for Russia’s history, culture, and people.  He noted that the Russians lost 20,000,000 people fighting beside us in World War II.  He underlined once again his determination to prevent World War III, something which is an imminent danger as the result of the ignorant actions of “our leaders” and something which cannot be navigated by amateurs seeking to please a failed foreign policy establishment.