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It’s the evening of Monday, August 7th, and there are significant developments in the war for our Republic which you need to know about.  The New York Times went nuts about the spreading consensus that the Trump prosecutions can be stopped by Congress impeaching Merrick Garland and defunding Special Counsel Jack Smith.  More importantly even, Lee Smith published a stunning piece today, arguing convincingly, that Barack Obama is running Biden and running the coup against Trump. The hapless corrupt Biden is simply his front man.  Finally, the DOJ is trying to put a gag order on Donald Trump to prevent him from talking about the criminal cases against him, as they aggressively leak and spin Grand Jury and classified materials every day.  This occurs as polling shows that 60% of the American people say that the prosecutions are bogus and designed solely to prevent Trump from becoming President.

The Friday, August 4th Times front page had their freak-out. They shriek about how serious the campaign to defund Jack Smith and other elements of the Justice Department and to impeach Garland has become, predicting that it may be used to shut down government when the Congress gets back in September.  Let’s build on that and send them into a rug chewing fit.   Please sign and circulate the petition demanding Garland’s impeachment, and Smith’s defunding. https://www.larouchepac.com/petition_stop_the_prosecutions_of_donald_j_trump_now

Lee Smith argues that Barack Hussein Obama is really pulling the switches in the lawfare seditious conspiracy aimed at preventing Trump from winning the presidency in 2024, a race they know he will win. It is a must read for patriots.  That’s what we have been thinking and wrote about also last week.  We will have more on this as an investigative topic.

If you don’t know who Lee Smith is, he is an extremely talented investigative reporter and writer who was entrusted by Kash Patel and Devin Nunes to write the book detailing how the House Intelligence Committee, against ferocious pushback from Obama’s allies and the intelligence community, discovered the Russiagate hoax and discredited it. He has a lot of very good sources.  Don’t find Smith’s argument convincing?  Just watch this video from Obama’s first visit to the Biden White House.  Obama is surrounded by his followers and carefully placed acolytes.  The fake senile president was left talking to the drapes.  You can watch this here.  I recommend you do so.

Finally, Donald Trump posted a simple political truth on his Truth Social page last week, “If you come after me, I’m coming after you.”  Special Counsel Smith immediately claimed it was aimed at him and witnesses in the case, seeking a broad gag order which would prevent Trump from discussing discovery documents provided to him and his lawyers in the case. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered Trump’s attorneys to respond to Smith’s motion, filed Friday afternoon, by today at 5 p.m.  She seems to share the government’s bizarre interpretation of the tweet.  But, as they say, guilt spills itself for fear of being spilt.

Trump’s team said it was a political speech aimed at the Koch Brothers, the Club for Growth, and others spending 24 hours a day attacking Trump.  In their response, Trump’s legal team offered to follow standard D.C. District Court procedures for handling sensitive documents but attacked the idea that a presidential candidate can be gagged from speaking about the case which everyone agrees will determine the 2024 election.