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As they find themselves surrounded by a growing outrage from all sectors of the population, you can practically see the globalists circling their wagons to once again corrupt the 2022 political process. But what today seems like a circle of wagons can quickly become a circling firing squad of imbeciles raving at the moon.

Human survival, at critical moments, depends on leaders who not only reject popular opinion outright, but who can restore the ancient truths of our past with new discoveries and insights.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur, famous for advising against the Vietnam War, mastered the battlefield of warfare, not with shock and awe, but with a strategic mastery of what will create the peace. The Ukraine disaster, and our growing economic crisis once again show the incompetence of our generals and politicians to address this crisis from a higher strategic perspective.

That higher strategic perspective comes once again from our space program. The new James Webb Telescope images are providing a very real sense of how victory and peace can be achieved strategically today.

We are building a movement of creative thinkers around the world, fueled by Donald Trump's first election, and the resistance to the globalist agenda of lockdowns and green insanity. The next four months into November are key staging grounds.

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