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On Wednesday, May 10th, Donald Trump was given the chance to confront the best this nation’s corrupt elite could throw at him and his MAGA movement in a townhall in New Hampshire sponsored by CNN. He calmly stated the truth and demolished, at least for a moment, the Empire of Lies. The ensuing coverage by the mainstream media echoed the shock, rage, and desperate bereavement which dominated the same space on November 8, 2016. They vowed that such an open debate about America’s future will not be allowed to happen again. But it is too little, too late. The genie is out of the bottle. Once again whole sections of the population have found the means and the courage to fight with Trump leading a master class. If you didn’t watch it, you can do so here.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte noted, the CNN moderator Kaitlin Collins, had been loaded up with the entire anti-Trump narrative concocted in waves by the regime since 2015. The goal was to get under the President’s skin by machine-gunning him with these hate dipped lies each time Trump opened his mouth to respond to a question. Nolte called Collins “Nurse Ratched” and asserts that she arrived on a broom.

By contrast, the President was relaxed, prepared, confident, and, within a few moments, controlled both the audience and the room because it was immediately clear who was lying and who was telling the truth. What CNN and the Deep State had scripted to be an hour and half takedown of Trump was cut short by CNN itself after an hour, clearly invoking some sort of mercy rule reprieve for Collins and her Deep State team. Left on the debate stage floor were whole chapters of the anti-Trump narrative, now shredded, the very expensive product of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the Anglo-American intelligence community which had cast a fearful pall upon the land ever since COVID hit in March of 2020. For those who like their accounts in prose, rather than the poetry provided by the visual of the complete debate, I will try my best to provide a written account here.

Predictably, the first series of questions from Collins, who repeatedly sought to upstage questions from the Town Hall audience, concerned the rigged 2020 election, January 6th, and the rigged sexual assault verdict from a jury in New York City on Tuesday. Trump tried to turn to the subject of the imminent expiration of Title 42 and the border on Thursday, but Collins was steadfast. He was equally steadfast, providing detailed rebuttals to each of the big lies, including the fact that the only person killed on January 6th was Ashly Babbitt, the Air Force veteran shot to death by a Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd. He noted in response to the first audience question that he would pardon the January 6th defendants not involved in violence. He detailed how Nancy Pelosi and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, who had jurisdiction over all law enforcement and potential military deployments for January 6th failed to do their jobs and turned down Trump’s offer of federal troops. He said he did not plan to dwell on the 2020 fraud unless it happened again, and his plan was to win so overwhelmingly that the nation could be set on a new course. By the time Collins reached her account of the E. Jean Carroll New York sexual assault verdict, Trump had the audience laughing at its absurdity.

Fake news out of the way, he proceeded to the agenda for his second term:  complete energy independence and dominance, “drill baby drill” was his answer to the inflation caused by Biden’s Green New Deal insanity. He told Republicans in Congress to hold the line on the debt ceiling, otherwise a default would happen in any event because of the trillions in unpayable and wasteful debts created by the Biden agenda. Implicit in his answer here is the fact that a restructuring of debt is already occurring through the dark inflationary agenda of the globalist banksters who are looting the working and middle classes to bail themselves out.

Despite a series of ridiculous provocations by Collins concerning whether Trump wanted Russia to win in Ukraine and whether he considered Putin to be a war criminal, Trump insisted that the war had to end because the senseless killing of thousands of human beings had to end and that he could negotiate an end to the war in 24 hours if he were President.  With respect to abortion, he noted that those who would kill a fully formed human being through partial birth abortions were the extremists and that the overturning of Roe v. Wade by justices he appointed gave those honoring the sanctity of life the ability to reasonably restrict the practice to early pregnancy with exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.   He attributed the mass killings now occurring to a major crisis in mental illness in the United States which was the problem to be solved. Guns were not the problem and were more necessary than ever to protect the innocent. He portrayed the current border crisis as existential for the country. The border needs to be closed, the wall finished, and no policy is off the table to prevent the country from being swamped with immigrants at a point when its own citizens are suffering and dying from drugs and economic hardship.

With these ideas on the table, Collins tried desperately to rescue the narrative by questioning Trump about his overdue documents from the National Archives now subject to an unprecedented Special Counsel investigation and probable prosecution and his efforts to investigate the 2020 vote fraud in Georgia, also part of the Biden Justice Department’s prosecution scheme. In response, Trump launched into a detailed account of the hundreds of government documents found in Joe Biden’s garage, at the University of Pennsylvania, and at an office in New York’s Chinatown, none of which occasioned a gun toting FBI raid on his home. He detailed what was said among lawyers on both sides of his call to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger about investigating vote fraud. He noted that all the current lawfare and media efforts to eliminate him were direct election interference since he has an escalating lead against all other candidates, Biden included. That’s when CNN abruptly decided to call it a night.

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