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Kevin McCarthy was fired from his job as Speaker of the House on October 3, another first in U.S. history. Rep. Matt Gaetz and seven other brave Republican souls had had enough of meandering and ineffectual leadership with the survival of the Republic at stake. It is also clear that McCarthy was politically knifed by Nancy Pelosi for reasons which extend far beyond the issue of “regular order” in the House and that Pelosi and Republican enemies of Donald Trump will attempt to push a fake narrative of Trump caused “chaos” as action in the House comes to a halt while a new speaker is chosen.

According to McCarthy’s very revealing exit remarks, Pelosi told him to agree to restore the longstanding House rule that one member can make a motion to fire the Speaker when McCarthy was negotiating with the Republican conference to be Speaker. “Just give it to them,” she said, because she, still the most powerful Democrat in the House, “would have your back.”  Yesterday, every single Democrat voted to oust McCarthy joining the eight brave Republicans who chose to buck the entire system. McCarthy ally Patrick McHenry, serving as temporary Speaker, did what was appropriate about Pelosi’s treachery on Wednesday, evicting Pelosi from her special and spacious office near the House floor.

The biggest driver of the Democratic bloc vote was, of course, the fact that McCarthy did temporarily block further aid to Ukraine in his continuing resolution to keep the government open over this past weekend, sending corrupt Republicans in the Senate and elsewhere and the war profiteers in the Democratic Party into a rug chewing fit. The biggest driver of the vote to oust McCarthy for the eight Republicans was the fact that MAGA Republicans throughout the nation are in revolt. They want an end to Biden’s destruction of the Republic now, no more corrupt Potomac sell outs. Most importantly they want an end to the prosecutions of Donald Trump which if not secured, ends our Constitutional Republic. Again, sign and circulate our petition to defund the prosecutors and impeach Merrick Garland.

There is no question that McCarthy failed to use the House’s full constitutional status to staunch the destruction of the Republic, the reason voters voted Republican in 2022. But he was aided and abetted by “moderate” and “liberal” Republicans in the House and conservative Neo-Cons who form a substantial voting bloc. That does not even take into account the RINO domination in the U.S. Senate which constrains the ability of the House to legislate.

This author agrees with former Trump advisers Stephen Miller and Kash Patel about how to take the measure of any future speaker and the House itself: end the weaponization of the government against MAGA and Trump, close the border to illegal crossings and drugs, end the funding for the war in Ukraine –lead those fights to victory in the House and then make political life impossible for any Senator who does not get onboard. This will demonstrate you can lead. Along the way issue and successfully execute the subpoenas which will prove Joe Biden’s bribes and, incidentally, expose all of the Deep State officials who collaborated on Donald Trump’s first impeachment for questioning Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine.

Battle-tested, you will then be able to confront the urgent restructuring of the U.S. economy and debt implicit in Donald Trump’s Agenda 47. We need to fund programs and projects which will dramatically grow the economy. Keep the social safety net but cut all of Biden’s programs and every woke program, restructuring unpayable debt the same way Hamilton did it.

The renowned Colonel Doug McGregor penned a piece for the American Conservative released today, October 4th, which captures the present strategic situation both in the United States and internationally. It is must reading. 

McGregor concentrates on the failed war in Ukraine which has needlessly butchered or displaced millions of Ukrainians and thrown Europe into a catastrophic economic depression. Elections in Slovakia have resulted in an anti-Ukraine war leadership. In Poland, the present government is threatening to end future aid to Ukraine ahead of critical elections. The majority of Republicans in the U.S. House now oppose further funding of the war as do most Americans.

Yet both official Washington and their British minders, confronting the reality that continuing this war to the last Ukrainian is approaching the last Ukrainian, attempt to double down. Their woke ideological religion cannot admit their complete and catastrophic failure.  In their religion, recognizing reality is a heresy. Objectively, admitting it would doom them politically, of course, as the population recognizes the depth of their compulsive lies. But rebellion from objective reality is what drives their madness. The genius of the last century, Lyndon LaRouche had it right --- admitting it will dissolve the very being of these narcissistic would-be modern Nero’s as they teeter on the knife edge of provoking an even wider war.

The new British Defense Minister, Grant Shapps, failing upwards from his post as Secretary of Energy Security and Net Zero, announced last week that British troops would be deployed on the ground in Ukraine for training purposes. He was immediately rebuked by Prime Minister Sunak, who said there were no such plans. Shapps had also promised British Naval intervention against Russia in the Black Sea and British Typhoon fighter jets (which would have to be manned by the British). Sunak said nothing rebuking these plans. The reality, of course, is that both British and American advisors are already deeply involved in the Ukraine war against Russia, directing intelligence, aerial surveillance, and planning, a fact which Russia knows and persistently protests. The Russians have also warned that further involvement will result in direct war with the belligerents.

The U.S. Army War College, concurring with other think tanks in NATO and Europe released a report in late August demonstrating that the U.S. is not prepared for a land war in Europe and would suffer casualties at a rate unknown to present generations. Woke ideologues have ripped the very fabric of western societies which are collapsing internationally, with rampant crime, drugs, and social chaos. Here in the U.S., the Army is failing to find qualified recruits due to drug use, mental deficits and instability, and obesity.

Still Biden persists. The new plan is for an offensive aimed at Kherson and cutting off Russian access to Crimea, according to Washington scuttlebutt reported by Steve Bryan in Asia Times. He says these plans include staging a false flag nuclear incident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. We are, as Col. McGregor says, on a knife edge, not just in terms of a wider war in Europe but in terms of the civilized structure of our society. The Jacobins who brought this about must be defeated overwhelmingly in 2024, by a resurgent Donald Trump, humiliated so that they will not again damage our public life. Trump must be joined by Americans steeped in the principles of our Constitution and Revolution and prepared to bring about a new economic and cultural renaissance in this nation. That is what this political action committee is dedicated to bringing about.