Mussolini Joe performed his rant before a large crowd (something he never draws in the United States) assembled in front of Warsaw’s Royal Castle complex. Feb. 21, 2023

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Today, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent, marks almost one year of war in Ukraine, a war the United States and the British provoked, thinking, like the utopian arrogant smart-asses that they are, that they had lured Russia into a trap, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski’s alleged trap for the Russians in Afghanistan.  Even if it isn’t cheap, the loud-mouthed empty-brained TV General Jack Keane pontificated on Fox, we can permanently bleed Russia of its military power by providing Ukraine anything and everything it is seeking from us. But, it must be done now, Keane blubbered, because time is running out.

Meanwhile, Russia suspended its cooperation with the sole remaining nuclear arms control treaty.  Russia also delivered a diplomatic demarche stating that American weaponry and/or soldiers being supplied or engaged in Ukraine (we currently, at a minimum, provide the targeting information for attacks on Russian troops) were legitimate targets and would be targeted.

Brzezinski’s “brilliant” Afghanistan maneuver gave us Al-Qaeda; the murders of 3,000 U.S. citizens on September 11, 2001; Afghanistan as a permanent dope farm doping millions outside its borders; a national-emergency war on terror which destroyed the civil rights of U.S. citizens; and a massive expenditure of U.S. treasure and the lives of U.S. soldiers in a failed war.  Twenty-four hundred U.S. soldiers were killed there. More than 20,000 were wounded physically, without accounting for the war’s mental casualties.

This time, the utopians, led by the rabid British, are toying with complete human extinction in the form of nuclear war.  Biden’s attempt to economically kill Russia has killed Europe’s economies and horribly crippled our own. Fittingly, the insane Zbig’s son, Mark Brzezinski, is Biden’s ambassador to Poland, where thousands of U.S. troops now sit, ready for the next stage of war escalation.

Despite everything you have been told, Ukraine is losing this war.  Many believe it has already lost it. No one denies that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have already died, the vast majority on the Ukrainian side.  That is why you see dead panic from Biden and complicit bullet-head Republican Senators and Congressmen who demand that Biden escalate the war immediately.

In addition to the futility coming from battlefield, sectors of the U.S. intelligence establishment are in an uproar over the clear mental illness and recklessness demonstrated by Biden’s inner circle and the American ruling class.  Clearly, Seymour Hersh could not have published his detailed expose of the bombing of Nord Stream by the United States and Norway, unless a section of the intelligence community cooperated with him.

According to Hersh, they did their job and planned out the sabotage, but did not believe that Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland would be insane enough to carry it out. It was a war crime not only against Russia but also against our ally, Germany, aimed at trapping that nation into supporting the war against Russia against its own national interest—and with the acknowledged effect of crashing the entire industrial base of all of Europe.  All of this on behalf of a war which is realistically unwinnable. This grave strategic error was compounded when Biden and Nuland publicly bragged about it.  Alastair Crooke believes that this group, outraged, is now coming for Biden, and there will be more devastating exposes.

Three speeches by presidents marked the runup to the February 24th anniversary of Russia’s special operation. Joe Biden went to Kyiv and to Warsaw to hysterically shout and incoherently rail, once again, at his imagined arch nemesis, “the autocrat” Vladimir Putin. By contrast, Putin gave his usual intelligent one-and-one half hour annual speech about the state of the Russian Federation, this time in a time of war.

President Trump spent the 48 hours preceding the jackass Biden’s cartoonish Warsaw rant, by forcefully calling for an end to the war, while setting forth his plan to end Washington’s National Security State –the corrupt Leviathan from which the Ukraine war emerged.  He reiterated again, that Biden seems intent on provoking a nuclear war which humanity itself will not survive.

Trump has mobilized a substantial constituency through his MAGA movement in opposition to the war. A Republican faction in Congress is now fighting to end the war by denying further funding.  That effort must be expanded and succeed. So strong is the antiwar sentiment among Republicans and independents that the Bushie Ron DeSantis changed colors, going against his Neo-Con heritage and current financial backers calling for an end to Biden’s “blank check” for Ukraine war funding.  What DeSantis actually means remains to be seen.  We do know the unlike Trump, he has not declared war on the national security state.  He is, instead, a part of it.

I will cover here the Biden and Trump speeches and their ramifications.  My friend, Tony Papert, will cover, in a separate post, what Putin actually said, as opposed to the hysterical accounts in both the British and U.S. controlled state media.

Mussolini Joe’s Polish Redux

Last year Joe Biden also made a trip to Poland in support of our NATO proxy war against Russia, using the citizens of Ukraine and billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars as so much cannon fodder.  He went off script. Surely, he yelled, this man (Putin) must not remain in power. His handlers walked it back, but the damage had been done.  Senile Joe had openly divulged the actual purpose of this war.

This year, Joe’s script-writers wrote, Joe went straight to Kyiv in a “daring” mission to a war zone, to meet personally with Volodymyr Zelensky, his “democratic” hero.  Zelensky, of course, stores his personal corrupt funding in offshore havens as documented in the Pandora papers, while banning and arresting all opposition press and leaders.  He has even banned the entire Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has millions of Ukrainian members, for  links to Russia. And it turns out that “daring Joe” was never in any danger in Kyiv.  Washington told Moscow he was coming to avoid any problems.  Nonetheless, the “tense” theatre was performed for the cameras and the suckers, with phony air raid sirens sounding throughout.

Then it was on to Warsaw where Joe performed his rant before a large crowd (something he never draws in the United States) assembled in front of Warsaw’s Royal Castle complex.  The lighting and staging of the speech were reminiscent of Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will,” but this time as outright farce.  Biden shouted and angrily stumbled through his lines, repeating in different formulations that Ukraine will win and Russia “will never win,” we will stay “as long as it takes,” democracy will win and autocrats will not, while curling up his fists in front of him at every mention of the villain Putin.  The guy who lies every time he opens his mouth, even claimed that the U.S. had no intention of regime change or destroying Russia.  Biden’s 2020 campaign song, Coldplay’s nonsensical “A Sky Full of Stars,” played as he left the stage.

Donald Trump’s Declaration of War

Trump’s three minute and 51 second statement was entitled: “Stopping the War Mongers and the Globalists.”  It was preceded by an appearance at the 47 Club where President Trump spent a chunk of his speech denouncing those responsible for the escalating tragedy in Ukraine.

He began by emphasizing that we are teetering on the brink of World War III as the result of the recklessness of Biden and the corruption of what he called “the military-industrial security complex.”  He singled out the State Department, the Pentagon, and the intelligence agencies as players in the apparatus he is targeting, along with defense contractors and their lobbyists.  At State he singled out the infamous Victoria Nuland and the role of the State Department in the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government in 2014.  He noted that all the other Republican and Democratic 2024 presidential candidates are candidates of war.  He alone is the candidate of peace, and he reiterated that if given the chance, he could resolve the Ukraine conflict in 24 hours.  He noted that in his presidency he had to repeatedly reject the “catastrophic advice” of Washington’s war mongers and “America last” globalists.  Their advice would have led to new wars.  He promised that in a new Trump presidency, every single member of Washington’s war party would be replaced by competent officials acting solely on the basis of American national interests.