Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speaking with attendees at the Republican Jewish Coalition's 2023 Annual Leadership Summit at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oct 31, 2023 Photo: Gage Skidmore

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Word is that Nikki Haley is staying in the race through at least Super Tuesday. This despite overwhelming defeats in New Hampshire and Iowa. Despite burning through millions in cash, and a sure defeat in the upcoming Nevada caucuses (she is not participating in the official Republican delegate contest caucuses and instead has chosen the beauty contest primary ballot where she is running below “none of the above”). Despite what is forecast to be a slaughter in her home state South Carolina’s primary. Despite all that, Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires continue to pump millions into Haley’s campaign. Why? You might ask. The answer:  This war monger is not only the globalists’ last best hope against Trump on the Republican side. She represents the most satanic elements of the Anglo-American intelligence, defense and financier complex which Donald Trump has vowed to eviscerate.

This is all about conducting financial warfare against Donald Trump. Lawfare is aimed at depriving Trump of the funding to effectively run a general election campaign. Haley, in tacit collaboration with the Biden campaign, has the task of souring the necessary independent and fleeing Democratic vote necessary to successfully overcome the vote fraud the Democrats and their security state allies are setting up now to run. She will bleed additional Trump campaign resources in opposing her failing Republican run.

This explains why Haley would hail the completely fraudulent and outrageous $88. 3 million E. Jean Carroll verdict in New York. (If you haven’t caught up with that fraud, you can read this author’s summary here, and an additional devastating piece by Raheem Kasim here. Sometime this week, the hippie Judge who, at age 74, posts pictures of his “before and after ab development” in his high school alumni newsletter, Arthur Engeron, will write a fixed and rigged decision which will tie up all the rest of Donald Trump’s assets in the Manhattan lawfare’s civil division.  In addition, Trump is simultaneously fighting four criminal indictments, all of them coordinated through the Biden White House which so far have resulted in over $50 million in legal fees.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s SuperPAC, Future Forward has lined up $250 million in ads in battleground states, including Michigan and Virginia, which are beginning to run. The RNC, run incompetently by the Republican establishment and its overpaid consultants is apparently broke. 

Haley’s post New Hampshire primary strategy focuses on states with open primaries where Democrats and independents can vote in Republican primaries or purple and outright blue states. Prior to Super Tuesday, the focus will be on Michigan where the Mike Rogers Senate campaign is also supported by the key Haley donors, the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity, and financier elements of the security state. Additionally, many of same patrons of the oligarchy are now focusing on the House and Senate, hoping to elect establishment Republicans to stymy a Trump presidency and his promise of ending forever wars.

Haley, along with the lunatic Lindsey Graham, has called for the United States to attack Iran’s leaders or Iran itself in response to the deaths of three American service members in Jordan who, it is claimed, were attacked by militias controlled by Iran. The result would be all-out war in the Middle East and a possible World War III destroying the human race.

This is not a new lunatic obsession of Haley’s. As reported by the venerable Lee Fang, when Haley left the Trump Administration her parents and her family were on the verge of bankruptcy. She was rescued, some would say bought, at that point by the intelligence and defense establishment’s Israeli and British wing. That is not to say that she was not a NeoCon before that. She was.

In 2016, she was originally Never Trump, endorsing Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. But she hadn’t yet capitalized on her despicable NeoCon beliefs. After her Trump administration stint, she built a family fortune of some $12 million based on Wall Street speaking engagements, a Board seat at Boeing which makes F-15s and commercial airliners which fall apart, her husband’s defense contracting firm, and most significantly, as a consultant to United Against a Nuclear Iran, a probable CIA Quango cloaked in secrecy. During the Obama years, in 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice intervened and invoked the State’s Secret privilege to prevent disclosure of the group’s donors as a threat to national security. That intervention came in a lawsuit between private parties.

Lee Fang reports that the group, “which has lobbied for military strikes on Iran, is advised by Zohar Palti and Tamir Pardo, two former Israeli intelligence officials, as well as many former U.S. national security officials.”  UANI is led by No Labels heavy Joe Lieberman as Chairman of the Board and the Bush family and Dick Cheney consigliere Mark Wallace. It has a British sister institution, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Its advisory board includes former Bush national security officials and Jeb Bush himself, a bunch of British intelligence, defense, and security officials, and former Mossad and other Israeli security officials. In other words, it is the apex of the very dirty and evil US/British/Israeli NeoCon complex. 

A quick review of the current programs at the British Institute for Strategic Dialogue places it at the center of the international effort to censor dissidents against the World Economic Forum’s New World Order. This may explain Nikki Haley’s adamant support for internet censorship. Both organizations have specialized in conducting financial warfare against any companies doing business with Iran.

Lee Fang reports that Haley also consults for Prism Global Management, a New York investment fund run by Richard Kang. Kang, in turn, advises “America’s Frontier Fund, a new group backed by former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and run day-to-day by Gilman Louie, the former head of In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm. . . At a launch event for the fund last year, a participant openly discussed the fact that America’s Frontier Fund is investing strategically in ‘choke points’ in case of war between China and Taiwan, in which case the fund’s portfolio would increase ‘10x, like overnight.’”

In addition, Haley’s war chest has been fueled by the Democratic megadonor and Jeffrey Epstein friend, Reid Hoffman (the key funder of E. Jean Carroll), the Wall Street hedge fund star Paul Singer, who funded the early stages of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, and the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, which boasts an army of paid canvassers.  Much of her money is dark, including her Super PAC, the SFA Fund. Fang reports that in New Hampshire, a newly registered Super PAC, “Independents for Moving the Needle,” poured $1 million into ad buys supporting Haley and opposing Trump. It was registered last November by Jonathan Bush, George W. Bush’s cousin.