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The New Republic, in its latest issue, has once again spewed all the sewage it can concoct at Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on the anniversary of his death four years ago. This time it comes from the fevered brain of Tommy Craggs, the former executive editor of Gawker, the defamation and gossip sheet whose fame stemmed from outing prominent closet gays. Craggs now works for HBO’s “Game Theory,” which achieved historic low ratings in its first season, beaten several times by infomercials. His former employer, went bankrupt when it published a pirated sex tape of the wrestler Hulk Hogan who successfully sued them and won.

As with past New Republic exercises of this sort, the only thing which can be truthfully said about it is that the present owners of this rag are freaked about LaRouche’s continuing influence, and have resorted to the deep British propaganda roots of the magazine in a desperate effort to block it. There is a lot of history here which puts their freakout in context and we’ll get to that. For now, let’s note that we are reaching a crucial point in a long struggle between patriotic and pro-British imperial Tories in our country. Lyndon LaRouche was on the patriotic side of that battle his whole life and collided with the Tories from the first moments he entered political life, in India, during World War II. He witnessed there, directly, the brutality and anti-human force of the British Empire as India tried to free itself from colonial occupation.

The Present Piece

Craggs' underlying theme, such as it is, is that LaRouche’s “paranoid” conspiracy theory world has resoundingly survived into the present in the form of Q and Donald Trump. The Q part of the theme is absurd; the Trump part not. “Paranoid” here means a complete rejection of the dystopian hell created by our present elite, and LaRouche’s bold solutions to get us out of this mess and create a vibrant future. Trump’s 2016 campaign and many of his initiatives, like the Artemis space program, featured the same bold ideas. One of the few things Craggs reports that is truthful is that LaRouche had a “producerist view of finance capital as a parasite thrusting itself on to the ‘real’ economy—a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, to borrow Matt Taibbi’s famous metaphor for Goldman Sachs.”

Otherwise, Craggs has slightly modified a propaganda trope spread by Mother Jones magazine throughout the Russiagate information warfare coup against the Trump presidency. Win McCormack is the present owner of the New Republic. He is a major Democratic Party fundraiser and the founder of Mother Jones magazine.

Otherwise, Craggs' over 1,500 word ejaculation consists of prior defamations drawn from Dennis King’s 34-year-old intelligence-community-financed book of lies about LaRouche, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. Albeit King’s old BS is now dressed with a graphic portraying LaRouche as a green monster, along with Craggs' gonzo-style journalistic epithets which are nearly impossible to decipher. Most famously, King bizarrely asserted that when LaRouche attacked the British Empire, it was code for attacking Jews.

Like most fake news and propaganda, the piece obeys the rule of not telling you anything about what LaRouche really said or did to enrage the elite cognoscenti to such an extent. Instead, Craggs resorts to sentences like this from his Gawker days about Diane Sare: “the way she delivered the line, positioned as she was beneath the bronze crotch of George Washington, speaking with the dead eyed adamancy of someone well practiced in the arts of political irritation, it was a little as if she were daring you to laugh.” The “line” which set Craggs off to focusing on Washington’s bronze crotch was Sare’s claim to be a long-time supporter of LaRouche. Otherwise, Craggs does not tell you what Sare stands for.

Diane Sare adamantly opposes the Ukraine War but refuses public support for Donald Trump. Opposing the war seems to be New Republic’s beef with Sare. LaRouche PAC, on the other hand (no relation to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s entities or Diane Sare), supports Trump and also adamantly opposes the Ukraine war. That seems to be New Republic’s beef with LaRouche PAC.

To hear Craggs tell it, another major problem was LaRouche’s physical combat against the Communist Party USA following numerous CPUSA goon attacks on LaRouche’s associates in 1973. But subsequent FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showed that the FBI egged on these confrontations, and even contemplated escalating them into an assassination of LaRouche. The FBI subsequently maintained its COINTELPRO program against LaRouche’s associates by claiming that they had violated the civil rights of Communist Party members.

The New Republic’s Despicable British Roots

The New Republic was founded in 1914 by Morgan partner Willard Straight and his wife, the extraordinarily rich Dorothy Payne Whitney. Its name pays homage to the world government ideals of H.G. Wells and his socialist New Republic, as delineated in Wells’ Man in the Making. It was the lead journal of the U.S. progressive movement which put the Anglophile Woodrow Wilson in a treasonous and British-run presidency. Wilson famously revived the Ku Klux Klan from the White House. The New Republic’s former editor-in-chief, Michael Straight, Willard’s son, was an active member of Kim Philby’s British Intelligence/KBG spy ring.

The New Republic’s long-time editor Walter Lippman was a member of the British Fabian society and a life-time proponent of “manufacturing of consent,” or population control by information warfare and censorship run by an elite against the unwashed masses. Lippman waged a relentless attack on traditional American notions of law, society, and the U.S. Constitution. He did not believe that there were eternal truths, let alone that they were knowable. He penned endless pieces praising the British Empire.

The New Republic was so instrumental in securing America’s entry into World War I on Britain’s behalf, that the British Foreign Office offered to buy 50,000 copies a week when the total circulation of the magazine was only 40,000. In his 1977 book, The Case of Walter Lippman, Lyndon LaRouche laid waste to Lippman’s philosophical assumptions and foreign policy outlook. Perhaps that was the beginning of the New Republic’s beef with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In 1983-1984, as Lyndon LaRouche collaborated with Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council and the deputy director of the CIA, Bobby Ray Inman, on President Reagan’s Beam Weapons Strategic Defense Initiative and other classified projects, The New Republic went fairly wild against LaRouche. Reporters from the magazine attended the John Train salon of journalists and government officials who were, yes, “conspiring,” to launch a defamatory wave of poison against LaRouche to set the public environment for his prosecution.

The pieces they penned outed all of the government officials collaborating with LaRouche in order to break that collaboration. The British government had publicly demanded LaRouche’s head. So had Henry Kissinger (working with James Jesus Angleton and Jay Lovestone), David Abshire, Leo Cherne and other high officials of the U.S. government security apparatus of the time. Following the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, that branch was led by Vice-President George H. W. Bush. Bush and John Train had a long financial relationship involving Train’s financial conduit activities for the CIA. The financing for Dennis King’s defamatory book, involving the Smith-Richardson Foundation and Richard Mellon Scaife, was arranged at these meetings.

At that time the New Republic was led by neo-Conservative icon Marty Peretz, and featured all of the neo-Conservative fanatics and brutes who got us into the Iraq war and lit the entire Middle East on fire. Just to demonstrate the nature of the campaign against LaRouche and Reagan at the time: Peretz was the long-time mentor to Al Gore, and both the Democratic Party and the Soviet Union joined to defame LaRouche and to prevent the Reagan/LaRouche vision of defensive weapons based on new physical principles from coming into being.

The fact that LaRouche’s ideas are still so very much alive is what has the current New Republic in a such a froth. Profound ideas are like that. You can’t defeat them if their time has come.