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President Trump has said that they are not coming after him—they're coming after us, and he just stands in the way.

This is true. But, while Trump was a beloved billionaire icon prior to running for office, the American people have been under assault since no later than the day that WWII was won. The globalists had to turn America into a geopolitical tool, rather than resuming its role as force against Empire. 

Now, with their system collapsing and the emperor standing naked, the Biden Collective looks for any possible way to distract from their severe economic failures, the coming loss of the Ukraine war, and an end to their system of Hobbesian geopolitics and globalization.

In his Saturday class (posted soon) on tragedy,  Bob Ingraham stressed that it is not the leaders who simply fail, or the lack of a hero. It is the lack of leadership in the population itself.

So you might say, we stand between the Nazi Bragg queens and Trump. And so we will. Stand tall, and build the City on a Hill for all to see.