Image credit: T. Henderson, CFS/MIT-PSFC

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As inflation surges—in basic commodities, used cars, home prices, etc., the response coming from inside the Beltway is doomed to fail. Monetarist tools, whether it be government spending or adjusting money supply and interest rates, miss the twin elephants in the room: an out-of-control speculative bubble, reignited since the 2008 crash, and the collapse of real physical production, fueled by the pandemic shutdowns and green policies. 

Only by drying out that bubble and creating a massive increase in physical production, driven by Lyndon LaRouche's concept of new economic platforms, can the U.S. economy be rescued. That solution will not come from Washington, DC or Wall Street. It must come from a mobilized movement of citizens, committed to educating themselves and their fellow citizens in this new language of economics.