Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R. Ga) appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Thursday morning.

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The House of Representatives returned on Tuesday, January 9th. By Thursday, 11th, it had blown up over funding the government yet again. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R. Ga) appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room Thursday morning to describe her reasons for once again entertaining a motion to vacate the Speaker’s Chair. According to Greene, Speaker Mike Johnson has been rolled by the Democrats, specifically Senator Chuck Schumer, to keep the spending agreement negotiated between former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Biden Administration in place. The House has until January 19th to craft legislation to avoid a government shutdown.

The same fight which resulted in McCarthy being fired by his colleagues is now playing on repeat because the new Speaker, Mike Johnson, has been captured, at least temporarily by the Washington uniparty cartel. He is not listening to MAGA Republican constituents or his conservative colleagues in the House Conference, Greene angrily noted. We would add that the inherently inflationary spending on war, the Wall Street and London controlled defense production cartel, the Green New Deal, are all set to continue. A national bank issuing credit to fund actual national development, the road to economic survival and a future, is not anywhere near the agenda. Cut everything, the budget cutters scream, endangering the few social safety nets which are keeping many Americans from homelessness and the street.

Greene says she has a different reason for putting Johnson in the dock than the House Freedom Caucus which wants far more spending cuts than those currently on the table. Greene believes that the present Senate negotiations involving bizarre border “reforms” in a trade for funding the Ukraine war and Israel’s current war in Gaza are blatantly immoral. She says Johnson is presently prone to go along with them.

In Greene’s view, the current U.S. border crisis can no longer be tolerated. We agree. The word from the Congress should be shut down the border or shut down the government. Instead, the present Senate negotiations would increase legal immigration, providing taxpayer funded legal assistance, including specifically, for mentally ill immigrants. Illegal border crossings would be “limited” to 5,000 per day with the people allowed to cross presented with immediate work permits.

Further, the funding for the Ukraine war would now be allowed to pass in exchange for these insane border “reforms” now being in place. As Greene noted, this is nothing less than funding the organized murder of an entire generation of Ukrainian youth. Greene stated that the current Russian/Ukraine conflict is a decades long civil war. Russia has no intentions other than those stated by Putin-- demilitarizing and denazifying Ukraine. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and the U.S. and British insistence that they fight a mercenary proxy war against Russia has been a foreseeable catastrophe from the beginning. Billions in U.S. dollars sent to fund this war effort are completely unaccounted for and unaudited as Zelensky and his oligarchical allies sink millions into foreign real estate, yachts, and the criminal black market. The entire initial cadre Ukraine threw into this conflict has now been eliminated, either through being killed or wounded. Greene is entirely correct in declaring this entire Washington grand bargain utterly obscene. She says it survives because her House colleagues believe the Biden and NATO talking points that Putin will proceed from Ukraine, like Hitler, to take all of Europe, a blatant lie completely divorced from reality.

Greene rejected a proposal by former OMB head Russ Vought to use a corrupt understanding reached between former Speaker McCarthy and Senator Chuck Schumer to obtain a 9% cut in non-military discretionary spending. They set the top line for nondefense discretionary spending as a 9% cut in order to “appear” to be making significant cuts. McCarthy and Schumer had a corrupt handshake side deal to make up the difference. With McCarthy out of the picture, If the House passes a one-year continuing resolution, the 9% cut would come into existence.

As we have emphasized, the problem here is not the amount of spending but what the money supposedly buys. The entire climate agenda and the Green New Deal embodied in the fake named Inflation Reduction Act, in addition to the vast sums spent on murderous and mad foreign wars are inherently inflationary. Credit directed to productive uses:  reindustrialization and manufacturing, housing stock and rebuilding our cities, nuclear and other advanced forms of power and production, agriculture, and large-scale modern infrastructure, will, as a result of creating real wealth, solve our debt situation. This is also what President Trump believes. It is also what makes Greene’s straightforward moral approach to economics so refreshing.

In addition to outlining the present House situation, Greene announced that she has made a criminal referral concerning Trump Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis to Georgia officials. It was revealed this week that Willis hired Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade for the Trump case. Wade was also her lover, and Willis arranged to pay him over 1,000,000 taxpayer dollars composed of legal fees and expensive joint vacations in violation of Georgia laws. Wade has never tried a criminal case, let alone a criminal RICO case. Wade also met directly with the White House Counsel’s office in the runup to charges being filed against Trump.

Greene also had a starring role during a hearing in the House in which the House Oversight and Accountability Committee was marking up a contempt of Congress charge against Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden showed up to sit in the audience of the hearing with his lawyer Abbe Lowell, and Biden donor and Hunter sugar daddy Kevin Morris in tow. Appropriately, Rep. Nancy Mace (R.SC) moved to have the House Sargeant at Arms arrest Biden for contempt. Greene was scheduled to speak next and as soon as she opened her mouth, Hunter et al scurried out of the room. Greene told Bannon she intended to raise Biden’s violation of the Mann Act which prohibits prostitution across state lines. Both Greene and Mace have seen the receipts which demonstrate that Hunter Biden engaged in sex trafficking although he has never been charged.