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In an unpublished 1988 writing by Lyndon LaRouche, titled “The Impact of the American Ideology upon the Failures of U.S. Strategy,” he makes the statement: “If the populations of western civilization are no longer motivated by patriotism, we are reduced to what is effectively a state of pervasive cowardice, in which circumstance no amount of mere material military means could make the United States defensible...”

We are precisely at such a moment today, where only true Patriotism—love of our country and the principles upon which it was founded—will serve us in overcoming the threat which now waits in the wings. This is a “1775 time,” when a determined people must once again rescue their nation from imperial threat. Any lingering cowardice or indecision must give way to determined action.

This American patriotism will never be understood by many in Europe, London, elites in other British Commonwealth nations, or by many who inhabit the elite and gated communities of the coasts and what is now their capital, Washington, D.C., where they have tried for four years to depose a duly elected President. They will never understand, because they have abandoned all patriotism to submit to the, yes, still-existing worldwide British Empire.

These unpatriotic Americans, who are mostly college-miseducated, have sold their birthright to the globalist elite. They have surrendered it in a wretched exchange for a watery soup of handouts, sinecures, hollow titles, unearned prestige, and mutual backscratching. Or more often, they have sold it just for the mere hope that if they “stick with program,” they may finally get some of these goodies coming to them before they die. But what good would that do them anyway? Theirs will still be a miserable, un-mourned death—as the willing slave who re-locks his own chains shut again every evening, as a favor to his cruel globalist masters.

They have their reward. But the rest of us all stand together, along with our re-elected President, and say with him, in the words of an heroic general of our first American Revolution: “Live free or die.” General John Stark meant by that, that there are, indeed, things which are worse than death. He was not alluding to taking up arms and running full speed into enemy traps, as some frustrated patriots advocate today. In order to be won, this battle requires a higher intelligence, a more deliberate development, and a willingness to shed the axiomatic habits of thought to which we have adapted in the post-industrial and hedonistic society in which we now live.

Who Is the Adversary?

Exactly who are those globalists who are determined to destroy our country—and came so close to achieving that before President Trump took office in 2017? Who shut down our industries? Who gutted our system of medical care, which was once the best in the world? Who destroyed our manned space program, until President Trump opened it up again? Who plunged us into an ever-worsening plague of drugs, alcoholism, and suicide, causing such “deaths of despair” to reach an estimated 150,000 in 2017 alone, which reduced American life-expectancy for the first time in history? Indeed, the cumulative total of the “deaths of despair” caused by globalist policies and actions during this century alone appears to have exceeded the sum-total of all American deaths in all the wars we have ever fought.

Who are these globalists? Our founder, the late Lyndon LaRouche, was the first to document their history in full. In fact, they are nothing but the very same men against which our forebears fought to establish this nation in 1776-1789. They are the British Empire—even if its outward form has changed in our day, to predominantly a British financial empire. They are the same British imperialists we fought in the Civil War—the Confederacy was nothing but their puppet. With the defeat of the Confederacy, they dropped the project of reconquering the United States through force of arms, and opted instead for the route of subversion and of assassinating American Presidents, such as Lincoln (as was proven in court at the time), the heroic William McKinley, and John Kennedy—and Robert Kennedy on the eve of his certain Presidential nomination. The martyred Martin Luther King was of course not a President, but his assassination by British-steered forces was also a powerful weapon in re-establishing British imperial domination here.

President Franklin Roosevelt had intended to abolish the worldwide British Empire after World War II, but his untimely death, and his succession by the more manipulable Harry Truman, prevented it. Still, what remained of Roosevelt’s dollar-based Bretton Woods international monetary system restrained British imperial overreach for a time. But the brakes came off when Nixon began to destroy that system in 1971, coupled with the growth of the so-called Eurodollar market, which ensured that most U.S. dollars (so-called) continue to be created overseas, and mostly housed in London and British dependencies, free of any American regulation or control.

After World War II, the British gave their Asian and African colonies independence in name only, maintaining control through “advisors,” and through the City of London banks and the United Nations apparatus, which they control, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. American colleges and universities adopted the British imperial version of history and reality, indoctrinating the children of the elite in these synthetic ideologies. Wall Street was already effectively a British colony. American Presidents increasingly became mere salesmen and enforcers for British policies; Barack Obama was the most extreme case. Donald Trump’s only crime was that he rejected those policies in favor of the interests of the American people and the sovereignty of our Republic.

Personnel Is Policy–Replace the Degenerate Elite!

In the one-semester economics course through which Lyndon LaRouche recruited his movement during the 1970s and 1980s, he said that a communist demagogue will tell you to “shake your fist at your oppressor.” Terrible advice! Instead, LaRouche insisted, “you must be the intellectual superior of your oppressor.”

Never was that truer than today. The degenerate “elite” that runs this country has given itself away in its coverup of the blatant electoral fraud, trying to pretend, against all evidence and reason, that Biden won the November 3 Presidential election. Whether so-called “Republican” or so-called “Democrat,” whether CNN or Fox News, they have fallen in perfect lockstep to cover up the glaringly obvious massive fraud: “Move on; nothing to see here.” In their total commitment to lie right to our faces, and keep lying, they outdo the actors in “The Truman Show.” (With a handful of more honorable exceptions.) This lying trickles all the way down through our non-producing classes—so certified by their university degrees—from the corporate boardrooms to the most overworked and underpaid school teacher, in most cases.

What is laid bare, is that the so-called “elite” that runs this country has failed totally, led by the brain-dead boomers who refuse to give up control after all these years. As Julius Krein has written, “For the boomers and near-boomers, the decisions they made during their prime were mostly terrible, and their record during their twilight is even worse.”

By 1968 at the latest, Lyndon LaRouche had pinpointed the problem as the “break of the young-adult, campus-based youth movement of the 68ers, from the then-existing generality defined by the role of agricultural, manufacturing, and science-specialist producers.”

LaRouche documented that the sickest of the 68ers not only broke from, but turned violently hostile toward those “agricultural, manufacturing, and science-specialist producers” whom Hillary publicly called the “deplorables.” (And you can be sure that what she calls them privately is far worse.) Post-1968, during the decades of the boomers’ “long march through the institutions,” the very worst of the boomers crushed the relatively better ones. In this process, the terrorist “Weathermen’s” lust to actually kill “deplorable” workers and farmers, became the ruling attitude of our “leading” institutions generally.

If you doubt this, read the plans of Alexandria Octavio-Cortez, Jennifer Rubin, and others for what they plan to do to Trump’s supporters after they take over—as they imagine they will. Hitler’s plans for the Jews were secret. Today, his successors shout them from rooftops.

If you still doubt it, look at their rage against President Trump. They would like to strangle him with their bare hands. Why? Because he represents the hated “deplorables.” He has stood up for them, and by his example showed them how to fight. When asked in a recent interview to name President Trump’s greatest accomplishment, journalist Megyn Kelly replied that “he taught half a nation how to fight.”

The elites who find him to be disgusting, vile, and a racist and a fascist, had no such complaints against him not so long ago, when he was merely a real-estate mogul and a television personality. Just what is it that is so vile and disgusting about your President? Face it: it is nothing but you, the reader. It is the fact that Donald Trump stands for you. It is exactly you, the freedom-loving American, that our unpatriotic elites find loathsome and intolerable. They have exactly the same disgust toward you, that George III and his ministers had toward the Americans of the 1700s. It was intolerable that simple farmers, workmen, and merchants, would ever have the insolence to imagine that they could actually think for themselves, and rule themselves, better than those in Britain who were born to be their masters.

Once you see this picture, it is perfectly obvious why everyone President Trump has hired into his administration, until very recently, has betrayed him. Why the Pentagon has ignored and publicly scorned his orders to remove troops from unnecessary foreign wars. Why his secret documents were leaked daily to trip him up and embarrass him, but no one was ever prosecuted for it. You see why he can only depend on his own family, with a few exceptions, to run the Presidency and the country.

What conclusion must be drawn? Simply this: Our “elite” has failed totally. They have neither competence nor morality. They have lost the trust of every citizen, never to regain it. And as a final insult, they all united, down practically to every single man and woman, to blatantly steal an American election. The time of our forbearance is long over.

This elite must be replaced. In the course of joining to crush the vote fraud under President Trump’s leadership, and in the course of his second administration, we must train up a truly qualified, alternative elite from among the patriotic, moral and intelligent citizenry—everything the existing “elite” is not. Much of this new elite will lack college degrees, especially “liberal arts” degrees, and be none the worse for it, although some of the university-certified, particularly the scientists and engineers, will come over to join us.

The center of such education will be Lyndon LaRouche’s science of economics, which takes the Hamiltonian system embedded in our Constitution to a much higher level, in which economics becomes the culmination of all sciences, and we can consciously maximize the ability of the human mind, to promote the Common Good, or the General Welfare, as part of God’s plan for the perfection of the Universe.

This is what we mean by “Live free or die.”