RFK, Jr. testifying on censorship to the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government. Thursday July 20, 2023. C-SPAN Framegrab

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We’re going to “tar him with the anti-Semitic brush,” New York’s premier establishment Anglican Priest, Bishop Paul Moore, declared to his elite acolytes, who wanted to staunch Lyndon LaRouche’s surging popularity in late 1970s New York.  He might have added, true or not, that’s one way to “unperson” someone.

According to emails released in the Fox Corp. lawsuit with Dominion, that’s what Rupert Murdoch is doing right now to Donald Trump, making him a “non-person.”  Murdoch, the born again Never Trumper, doing his bit for his globalist British imperial masters is now late to the “unperson” Donald Trump game.  That all started with the Putin and Charlottesville memes, the twisting and distortion of every statement to make Trump the cartoonish Orange Devil.  Trump allowed his Russian buddy Putin, to rape, murder, and pillage all of Europe while he instigated teams of white tattooed skinheads here to do the same to blacks, browns, and gays.  That is the wild, demented, and totally false political cartoon the Democrats spoon fed to their labile supporters through the politically correct media and Hollywood, over and over again.  Accept it, it became known, or risk your friends, your job, and your family.

On Thursday, RFK, Jr. came to testify on censorship to the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government.  Before he could start, Democrats Dan Goldman and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had circulated a letter to prevent his testimony because, they said, defaming him, he espoused anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-Vax views. It was signed by 100 House Democrats including Hakeem Jeffries, the House leader and cited and repeated throughout the U.S. media.  Not even close to what Kennedy said—just the blood libel falsehoods circulated by deranged Democrats. Wasserman-Schultz led off the hearing with a motion to adjourn to Executive Session so that the public would not be exposed to RFK Jr’s alleged racist and anti-Semitic views.  The motion failed on strict party lines.

The Democrats proceeded to lambast RFK, Jr. as a dangerous and evil man throughout the hearing, acting in each case like they were engaged in the two-minute hate sessions detailed by George Orwell in 1984 and Kennedy was Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein.  If you have a friend or relative who doesn’t believe that the Democrats have become fascists, have them watch this hearing. It is here. 

As for the key players in the hearing—the thug-like Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Del. Stacey Plaskett, who seemed to be competing in Grand Inquisitor imitations, here’s what we already know.  Wasserman Shultz led the DNC in 2016 when WikiLeaks revealed that she was literally rigging the primaries for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.  The stench was so overwhelming that she had to resign.  Recent revelations by Lee Fang show that the former Bush Republican Plaskett owes her Virgin Islands based political rise to none other than the predator, Jeffrey Epstein. 

Plaskett had threated journalist Matt Taibbi with perjury charges before he even appeared to testify to the same committee about the censorship industrial complex. But even Taibbi was astounded at Plaskett’s performance on Thursday:

“When Plaskett spoke it was like being transported to another realm,” Taibbi writes, “where rhetoric works upside-down, or sideways maybe, or speech of any kind is an inscrutable, anarchic process without meaning. She thundered, at length, about things that had nothing to do with Kennedy or the topic at hand. There were diatribes about things Kennedy specifically denounced, like election denial, white supremacy, and ‘the riots of January 6th,’ but more frequently she just plunged into rants about things that had no connection to anything at all. Toward the end she laid out a Unified Field Theory of MAGA-Putin-RFK-Iran-Nazis.”  He continues, “The mind of the modern Blue-Anon politician — and Plaskett may be the purest specimen in the country now, surpassing even Adam Schiff — is like the last hole of a mini-golf course, where no matter what shot you hit, the ball ends up in the same bucket. The political equation is essentially [ANYTHING BAD = TRUMP = RACISM = RUSSIA INTERFERED = SHUT THE FUCK UP]”

This outpouring of pure hatred and mad dash censorship of a hearing on censorship occurs amidst mounting political desperation.  Things are not going well for our Establishment’s attempt to rig the 2024 Presidential election.  Kennedy is surging against the senile President. Trump is hands down winning the Republican nomination despite billions already wasted by Wall Street on DeSantis.  The braindead DeSantis campaign and those of the other Never Trumpers have been overtaken by Vivek Ramaswamy, who actually has ideas and passion. 

I don’t agree with RFK’s views on nuclear power, vaccines, environmentalism, and other issues. But he opposes open borders, the left’s deadly social engineering, and the genocidal Ukraine War and his views are held honestly.  Departing from the norm, he stands on principle.  We have the First Amendment because our founders loved to think and debate.  They knew that only dissent and the contest of ideas produce creative solutions and scientific breakthroughs.  Totalitarian societies are dying societies. I also know, from ugly experience, a desperate national political smear job when it appears, so I dug further.

How did this defamation campaign against RFK, Jr. originate?  Well, it seems like Biden’s bullies and his Republican allies were ready to pounce.  It was just a question of when.  In an off-the-record press event in one of New York City’s Upper East Side premier Italian restaurants on July 11th, Kennedy was asked questions about bioweapons.  He responded by citing a Cleveland Clinic sponsored study published in 2020, noting that COVID seemed to discriminate in infection rates and lethality based on genetic factors and said that this might serve as a “proof of concept” that bioweapons could be ethnically targeted. That’s what he said.  That is an important topic for study, debate, and exposure.  We need to discover the truth about it. The study RFK, Jr. cited is here. 

Instantly, the Murdoch “non-person” squad rolled out the initial attack, claiming in the New York Post of July 12th that RFK, Jr. had said that COVID was an engineered bioweapon which spared Chinese and Jews.  The cited NIH piece said that the Amish, Ashkenazi Jews, and South Asians lacked the gene chemistry extant in people of African descent and white people which seemed to favor COVID.  The study, by the way, was seeking to find out whether targeted genetically based treatments might cure or mitigate COVID.