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From red states to blue states to swing states, LaRouchePAC organizers are bringing reality and a fighting spirit to local Republican parties and grass-roots groups. Resolutions denouncing the indictment of President Trump, have recently passed in Harris County, Texas, one of the largest counties in the country, and in San Francisco, one of the craziest counties in the country. Additionally, local parties and groups are taking actions against the perpetuation of the Ukraine war, and for Trump’s Agenda 47 policies.

Mindy Pechenuk, candidate for California Assembly District 18 and her LaRouchePAC team got the ball rolling in their home county of Alameda on April 17, introducing the following resolution which was passed unanimously by the County Republican Party Central Committee:


 The indictment of President Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is a perversion of our institutions of government in order to silence political opposition, and

Never before has a former president been arrested or indicted, and

Donald Trump has demonstrated certain unique qualities hated by the establishment, such as the courage to stand up to that globalist establishment and also the ability to inspire ordinary Americans with a vision of a better future, and

This indictment is only the latest in a series of attacks on Trump, which began when he announced his campaign for the Presidency in 2015 and has been continuous for eight years,


The Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee denounces the actions of the Manhattan District Attorney as out of bounds in the United States Constitutional Republic and calls for the withdrawal of the indictment.”

Two weeks later, the LaRouchePAC team brought an identical resolution to the San Francisco County GOP Central Committee, and it passed as well. In San Francisco!

From Blue to Red to Purple

Head east across the country to Harris County, TX, which is not only the third largest county in the country, but has one of the largest Republican voting populations in the nation. But, as we’ve all learned, being Republican is not the same as being America First or pro-Trump. Texas is the home of the Bush dynasty. In fact, before our defense-of-Trump resolution was discussed, a sympathetic high-level party official warned us that that our resolution was unlikely to pass because of the large anti-Trump sentiment in the county party, 

LaRouchePAC organizer and local Precinct Chair Evelyn Lantz spoke in favor of the resolution, challenging the body to have the courage to stand up against this destruction of the Constitution. As a long-time member of LaRouchePAC, she described the railroading of Lyndon LaRouche by the same forces going after Trump, and recounted LaRouche’s warning that if the atrocity of the attack on him was left unchallenged, no one in the country would be safe. That has come to pass with the on-going attack on a former and future President. She said it is time for the Harris County Republicans to show the same kind of courage as Donald Trump has shown.

Not surprisingly, a limp DeSantis supporter spoke against the resolution, but then one of the Harris County party officials stood up to speak in a fiery defense of Trump, agreeing that this prosecution is an outrageous threat to the institution of the Constitutional Republic. 

The resolution, which was identical to the California resolutions, passed by a wide margin.

Earlier, the LaRouchePAC team was pleasantly surprised when another precinct chair introduced and motivated a resolution to end the war in Ukraine and to audit the cost. LaRouchePAC’s previous attempts to move such a resolution had been tabled. This time, the members refused to table it, and voted it up by a two-thirds majority. 

The “Purple” Swing States

On May 4, Michigan-based LaRouchePAC organizers traveled to the critical swing-state of Pennsylvania to address a Pittsburgh-area America First audience of 80 people.  Organizer Chuck Park took the audience through a discussion of LaRouche’s economics and the dramatic implications of Trump’s agenda. Once again, as we’ve seen elsewhere, even in a very pro-Trump audience, there is little knowledge of President Trump’s bold, new Agenda 47 proposals. 

Back in Michigan, LaRouchePAC has launched a “Michigan for Agenda 47” movement, pulling  together leaders from the state GOP, long-time Trump champions and grass-roots activists to ensure that the discussion leading into 2024 is dominated by the Trump’s vision of a vibrant future driven by a renewal of the United States as a manufacturing superpower. 

Craig Holtzclaw and Gerald Pechenuk contributed to this post.

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