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Lyndon LaRouche made his original breakthrough discovery in economics in 1948-51 because of the need to refute the version of “AI” being peddled in those days by Norbert Wiener and Claude Shannon. Later, the extraordinary accuracy of his forecasts of the 1958 recession, of Nixon’s junking of Bretton Woods on Aug 15, 1971, and of the 2007-08 crash, enabled him to establish a far-flung political movement which laid the basis for Donald Trump’s candidacy and today’s MAGA movement.

Americans who understand real economics—LaRouchean economics—are required to ensure Donald Trump’s re-election next year, and to support him to push through the bold, controversial policies our nation requires.

Four classes cannot cover this field, but they can start some on the path of discovery. Other class-series will follow.

The classes will be in discussion format. The first is entitled, "Creativity Per Se."