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"To improve the economy, improve the mind" - Lyndon LaRouche

In a personal conversation many years ago with tonight’s speaker, Bruce Director, the late economist Lyndon LaRouche summarized the basic principle of economics with the above statement. Today, as the world economy currently exhibits an awesome dynamic mixture of physical collapse and scientific progress, there is nothing more worthy of reflection than the implication of LaRouche’s statement.

Today’s economists, politicians, and the general public more broadly, waste endless hours and much mental energy discussing and debating various ways to nudge the economy one way or another, but virtually no effort on the one matter that will actually have a positive effect: improving the power of the mind. In physical economy this is called, “the productive power of labor”.

Just what is that power? Tune in tonight for the second session of LaRouche PAC’s class on the Principles of Physical Economy for a fascinating discussion between Tony Papert and Bruce Director and you’ll find out.