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The media and lapdogs of the regime are ecstatic over Tuesday’s results in local elections in Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia.  Detached from reality, they fail to realize that these results represent the death of the Never Trump sectors of the Republican Party who once again proved to any doubters that they are impotent losers. The vast and expanding MAGA voting base out there will come out for Donald Trump in 2024.  The message of Tuesday to the RNC and donor class is to get behind Trump now, drop the bs primary, and figure out how to message and talk to actual voters, across party lines, unless you are choosing to go the way of all dinosaurs.  The message to the MAGA grassroots is that you must now assume these leadership tasks.  Don’t count on the RNC to come to reality. Don’t give them any veto power over whether Donald Trump takes the White House in 2024. 

Let’s look at Tuesday race by race:

Kentucky Governor:  Republican Daniel Cameron who lost to Democrat Andy Beshear is the protégé of Senator Mitch McConnell.  He was backed by both McConnell and Trump, an impossible and destructive alliance.  MAGA voters throw up at the mention of McConnell’s name.  Nothing more need be said here.

Virginia House and Senate.  Governor Glenn Yougnkin won election in 2021 when Trump turned out his supporters for him, massively, in the southern parts of the state.  There was a huge fight in Northern Virginia over trans bathrooms--two middle schoolers were raped as a result of this in Loudoun County.  Youngkin's opponent, Terry McAuliffe declared that parents should have no veto about what is taught their children in public schools.  New CRT based standards discriminated against Asian parents directly in placements in Virginia's premier high school.  But even in this political climate, Youngkin still needed Trump's mobilization for his victory. He flopped. Republicans lost both houses Tuesday.

The Virginia Democrats had a unified message on abortion rights and on “ultra-Maga” coupled with millions of dollars spent on television advertising and mailers and a unified ground game featuring candidates themselves and their union and foundation surrogates knocking on every door.  Republicans were outspent nearly two to one.  Their messaging was absent.  There was no ground game.

Ohio constitutional referenda.  A right to abortion and, possibly, sexual transitions, were enshrined in the Ohio Constitution along with dope legalization.  We are living in a culture of death, destruction, and complete economic instability.  Many live in their parent’s basements because they know they will never be able to afford a house under the Biden economic regime.  Churches, which used to provide a moral mooring, increasingly only provide social services, at best.   Drugs and pornography are dominant social dynamics.  Schools fail to educate or provide even the most basic civics training.  We are now involved in two wars with the threat of direct U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

Is this the environment in which you wish to have children?   As Trump has recognized, the population simply isn’t there on banning abortions and unless the Republican Party can create the cultural and economic environment for human life, a change in culture born of an industrial, scientific, and cultural renaissance –right to lifers will continue to be slaughtered on this issue.  The “freedom to “choose” represents one of the last whimpers of freedom this beleaguered population believes it possesses.  Trump’s visionary Agenda 47 represents a fight for exactly this mission orientation.

Tuesday’s results demonstrate that it is disaster to continue to accommodate anti-Trump RINOs and their impotent organization known as the Republican National Committee.  If it is to continue to exist, Ronna McDaniel must resign and be replaced by someone who can build a potent, winning, messaging and ground game before the November 2024 election.  All the consultants presently feeding at the RNC trough would have to be equally consigned to the scrapheap of history unless they can demonstrate concrete plans for winning the Presidency, the Senate, and the House on the MAGA agenda led by Donald Trump.

The time for a radical shift and a grassroots organizing revolution is now, starting with a unified and funded push to end the prosecutions of Donald Trump, expose their fraud, and expose the entire cold coup which has been in operation against the American population since 2015.