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An entire era of history is coming to an end. Since the assassination of John Kennedy, American political and economic sovereignty has been under an intensified attack by an imperial elite. Institutions like the World Economic Forum and concepts like the "deep state" are now part of the lexicon of today's politically literate. A new House Committee to investigate the weaponization of government promises to throw more light on our enemies within and without, and Donald Trump's campaign to return to the Presidency in 2025 further promises to give us the power to do something about it.

But, as we at LaRouchePAC know all too well, this is not a new fight. Our enemy is as old as empire. From the inception of Lyndon LaRouche's political and economic leadership in the late 1960's, he and his movement have been the target of the national security apparatus and its private appendages, which act on behalf of the global financier elite. Today's modern "deep state" is an outgrowth of Executive Order 12333 which was used by George H.W. Bush and the British to try to destroy LaRouche in the 1980s. The fact that we are still here, despite five decades of political, legal, and financial attacks, and that we are now are working in tandem with the Trump-led MAGA movement, tells you that know something about the real enemy and how to defeat it.

You need to know what we know. And you need to tell Congress, especially the members of new investigating committees, that these are the deepest roots of the deep state.


A True Crime Story and Lesson for Our Times

LaRouchePAC's veteran investigator Barbara Boyd tells the inside story of Lyndon LaRouche's battle's with the intelligence community, dating back to the late 1970's. 

Chapter 1: The British, Using George H.W. Bush, Destroyed the First Church Committee's Achievements

Chapter 2: The Train Salon, Public Diplomacy, and the New "Operation Mockingbird"

Chapter 3: The Train Salon, Public Diplomacy, and the New "Operation Mockingbird" (cont.)

Chapter 4: The Train Salon, Who Was There and What They Did


It's Deja Vu All Over Again: Trump versus Bush

Call Them Bushies—Not RINOs or the Uniparty


The DeSantis Files

Barbara Boyd takes on the "Bush" in sheep's clothing.

Ron "DeSanctimonius" is Not What His Manufactured Persona Suggests He Is

Stop the Presses: I Forgot to Tell You About Ron and JEB


(The page above tells you the story of the intelligence arm of the Empire. For our campaign against the Empire's central banking arm go to: "Abolish the Federal Reserve")