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For the last 50 days pundits, TV generals and shallow politicians have been reporting on the war in Ukraine as if it were a sporting match, or more accurately, a Roman circus, between democrats and autocrats. Some spectators have been staring in fascination at this carefully scripted spectacle on the internet while seemingly ignoring it, just like the Roman spectators did, as the once thriving Republic of the U.S.A. slides into economic chaos.

From the many contradictions in the public “democracy vs. autocracy” narrative, the more sentient among us recognize the many-faceted tragedy that’s unfolding. But unlike the tragedy on the stage, we, as citizens, can change the outcome of this play, if, we can learn from classical tragic art, that it’s the dynamics, not the personalities that make history. Join Bruce Director and Tony Papert for the second part of their class series on Fredrich Schiller’s History of the Thirty Years War.