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During the week of June 14th, Tucker Carlson created a firestorm as he continued to raise questions about the extent of FBI or intelligence community orchestration of the events of January 6th. Throughout that week, the media’s outrage against Carlson competed, in my peripheral vision, with my main pre-occupation: Joe Biden’s servile sell-out of U.S. sovereignty to rejoin “the Club,” a/k/a the modern British Empire. These are the very financial oligarchs Donald Trump attacked, the ones who framed him, the people behind the Great Reset, Building Back Better, and all the other PR hogwash terms for finally destroying the United States.

But it turns out, January 6th and Biden’s trip are really all part of the same show. 

On Monday, June 14th, Revolver News reviewed the January 6th indictments authored by the FBI and DOJ. They show a disturbing pattern of unindicted actors who the indictments allege played major roles in the riot and temporary occupation of the Capitol. By contrast, those indicted, in the Justice Department’s “shock and awe” campaign against American citizens, are not leaders of any of the groups which the DOJ says played the major roles in the violence. The piece raised the specter of January 6th as a setup with full FBI direction and/or complicity. But the piece used the wrong legal label for the unnamed main players in the indictments, calling them “unindicted co-conspirators.” 

Carlson highlighted the Revolver story on his June 15th show, repeating the “unindicted co-conspirator” mistake. This resulted in copious amounts of ink being spilled by dozens of newly minted reporter experts in conspiracy law, questioning Carlson’s sanity and otherwise going bananas—full froth and vapors. Unrepentant, Carlson spent the week on the substance of the Revolver claims, revealing much about the FBI’s storied history in orchestrating political violence in the process. He was ably assisted by renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald.

In parallel, on Monday, June 14th, at the NATO summit in Brussels, amidst his servile “forgive us for Trump” and “please, please, let us back in” tour, Biden went out of his way to attack Donald Trump’s “phony populism.” He predicted that the Republican Party would soon change through “younger people” coming up through its ranks. Generally, Biden had pontificated throughout his European trip that the world was divided between good people, who believed in the world’s “democracies,” and bad people, i.e., autocrats, such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and, explicitly, Donald J. Trump. Of course, as my colleague Tony Papert reports, there is no alliance of “democracies”—Europe is a wholly controlled entity of the modern British Empire, and the United States was never a “democracy.” We are a republic, and our founders characterized democracies as the worst form of tyranny.  

In lockstep, on June 15th, Joe Biden’s intelligence community announced a massive “whole of government” mobilization to defeat “domestic terrorism,” primarily the “lethal” white supremacists who Biden and the intelligence community’s mainstream media have worked overtime to falsely identify with Donald Trump and his supporters, and with the riot of January 6th.

While claiming they will give some consideration to the First Amendment and the Constitution, their “strategy” also targets “anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists”—a category which covers everything from “anarchist violent extremists, who violently oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions,” sovereign citizens movements, to animal rights activists. In short, just about anybody who dissents.  

Family members, employers, and relatives are invited to become snitches, with major investigative responsibilities farmed out to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other private intelligence community assets that can operate outside constitutional constraints. 

Through the Christchurch Initiative, which the Biden/intelligence community “strategy” says the United States has now joined, governments and Five Eyes’ controlled overseas non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will be incorporated into Biden’s attack on U.S. citizens. The CIA, under the pretext of looking for “foreign ties” to U.S. extremists, will be enabled to spy domestically, although much of this will probably be outsourced to Britain’s GCHQ, as it was in the concerted attack by the British Empire on the Trump presidency. 

President Trump refused to join the Christchurch Initiative because, he said, it would result in violations of the First Amendment. Originally formed as a joint venture between France and New Zealand following the Christchurch massacre, the alliance is now all about Silicon Valley joining with NATO allied governments to censor all discourse in Western countries under the theory that dissent fuels extremism and violence. 

The strategy’s contents are not new. Like all things Biden they are re-cycled from other anti-Trump initiatives. This one is taken almost lock, stock, and barrel from a joint “bi-partisan” initiative between John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP) and the John McCain Institute for International Leadership aimed at countering “political extremism.” Both CAP and the McCain shop pride themselves on brainwashing young people into new assigned roles in the bipartisan Washington, D.C., establishment swamp. 

The Green totalitarian regime, which the world’s financial oligarchy is now attempting to implement, including eliminating fossil fuels while otherwise establishing an “equity” economy in which the vast majority are intended to own nothing and rent everything, requires an obedient and compliant citizenry, an induced fear-driven state of mind road tested during the COVID lockdowns and related science censorship and information warfare regime.

Unlike other countries, the American people are in a relatively full revolt against these plans. So, the battle was immediately joined against Biden’s domestic terrorism initiative—and must now be expanded into a campaign of lawsuits, Congressional investigations and prohibitions, and state actions enforcing Constitutional guarantees. 

By the end of the week, Glenn Greenwald had penned a devastating piece pointing out the gaping holes in the mainstream/intelligence community January 6th narrative. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) also had broken with Congressional cowardice concerning these events with news of an ongoing honest investigation.  

Greenwald points out that more than 14,000 hours of video of the events inside and outside the Capitol have been withheld from defense attorneys in the January 6th cases and the public. The main alleged conspiratorial groups acting on January 6th—the Three-Percenters, the Oath Keepers, and the Proud Boys—have all been labeled domestic terrorists by the FBI for years and are obviously infiltrated, but any account of informant activities in these groups in the events of January 6th is being egregiously blocked from public or defense attorney view. 

The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarro, is an admitted previous FBI informant and was conveniently arrested the day before the January 6th events. Further, the recent Michigan prosecution of an alleged kidnapping plot against Governor Gretchen Whitmer reveals an entire group of FBI informants and undercover agents manipulating alleged members of the Three Percenters who appear to be egregiously mentally challenged. (The alleged plot leader is a formerly homeless guy living in the basement of his former employer’s vacuum cleaner store.)

Greenwald documented the entrapment tactics employed by the FBI throughout the entire previous War on Terror. Muslims with mental health problems were targeted in FBI stings, entrapped, and sent to prison with the FBI touting its investigative chops in “solving” the cases it had created. Greenwald notes “that the FBI purposely targets vulnerable people and infiltrates groups in order to create attacks and directs targets to engage them in is indisputably true, well established, and a commonly reported fact in the mainstream liberal media.” 

But now, he notes, the mainstream media has hired the former corrupt top levels of the FBI and CIA to directly provide their “analysis” to the American population, “analysis” repeatedly proven to be completely fabricated and false in the inquisition against Trump. 

Prior to Biden’s overseas genuflection before the Great Reset agenda and the British Queen, and his release of his domestic terrorism strategy to achieve and enforce it, retired NATO General Wesley Clark, in an article in the Washington Monthly, laid out what may be the overarching strategy here.  

Using January 6th as his pivot and under the title, “How to Fight Authoritarianism,” Clark describes an international fight of democracies versus autocrats (defined as Russia, China, and other “revisionist” powers insisting on their national sovereignty). 

The United States, Clark suggests, in its present politically divided and economically decrepit state is in no shape to confront China. To do so, it must form an alliance with Europe and the British, sizing upwards both population and alleged economic capacity. Nowhere mentioned, of course, is Donald Trump’s strategy to rebuild the industrial prowess of the United States on an advanced manufacturing and energy platform, while retaining this nation’s sovereignty. 

Clark forecasts that the rabid anti-China and anti-Russian insanities of the Washington Republican establishment will, under appropriate conditions, overcome present internal U.S. political divisions. 

 “Europe,” in turn, Clark notes, “will want American commitments to move toward a carbon-neutral economy by a fixed date.... They will also seek assurances on labor standards, data privacy, monopolistic practices, and the social safety net; this will require U.S. commitments to raise labor’s share of the GDP and to promote workforce development and safety net programs on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as tackling other tough issues at home.”  The “other tough issue” Clark alludes to here is the more than half of the population who will refuse to go along with this nonsense. 

In other words, Clark argues, “bringing Europe successfully into alignment on U.S.-China policies will require a greater alignment of our economy with some ‘European’ values. This is not far from what the Biden administration and the increasingly strong progressive voices here have been seeking.” Clark goes further, calling for a new treaty between the British, Europe, and the United States which no American president could abrogate.

Biden’s insane utopian plan ran straight into pragmatic realities in Europe, as Germany, France, and Japan refused to go along with his “democratic bloc” versus “Russia and China bloc” repeat of the Cold War. Nonetheless, Biden fulfilled all the European values and commitments Clark specified in his article. His Domestic Terrorism strategy is meant to reassure the “allies” that Trump is not coming back. 

Shredding the January 6th Myth

As the result of studies of the terrorist operations of the 1980s and 1990s, and the hybrid warfare doctrines of various nations, Lyndon LaRouche concluded that there were no naturally evolving terrorist phenomena, that all such terrorist incidents were directed by state actors or the British Empire in one form or another. 

For example, the World Church of the Creator, which played a huge role in neo-Nazi and white identity movements in the U.S. and Canada in the 1990s, turned out to be a wholly owned entity of the Canadian intelligence services. See “British Commonwealth Secret Services Deploy Neo-Nazism” in EIR.

Examination of the East German Stasi files following the fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrated that almost every neo-Nazi movement in post-World War II Germany had been a product of Stasi operations aimed at destabilizing West Germany and other western states. See “Thirty Years of Collusion Between the ADL and Stasi” in EIR.

Anarchists from the time of the French Revolution forward have always been used for specific strategic ends by the financiers controlling them. In 1970s Europe, the anarchist gang, the Red Brigades, killed Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, leading to years of instability in Italy. The Moro family claimed, credibly, that Moro’s assassination had been ordered by Henry Kissinger. 

Tony Negri, a leader of the Red Brigades, developed the key guiding concepts for the Autonomen political movements in Germany and Italy which were deployed against the continued use of nuclear power in Germany and in numerous other operations destabilizing the German state.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Margaret Thatcher’s British government launched a full-scale information warfare campaign against the German government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl, centered on the idea that a sovereign and united German nation-state would necessarily become a Fourth Reich. The Antifa and Autonomists were deployed to terrorize the population and contributed to the cover for the professional assassination of Alfred Herrhausen, the President of Deutsche Bank and one of Helmut Kohl’s closest advisors. The Maastricht Treaty, creating the disastrous, globalist European Union, which Kohl and Herrhausen had resisted, soon followed. See “It Is Time to Name Herrhausen’s Killers” in EIR.

The Biden Domestic Terrorism strategy specifically cites the Charlottesville Unite the Right riot in 2017; the 2019 El Paso, Texas shootings; and the 2019 shootings at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. They say these incidents mark something akin to a renewed mobilization of the Ku Klux Klan. This is not even vaguely close to reality.  In fact, the key perpetrators are linked to the Extinction Rebellion, the Green New Deal, and the Great Reset which Biden otherwise is attempting to implement here.

Richard Spencer, the organizer of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, the self-proclaimed capital of the “resistance” against Donald Trump, is an extraordinarily rich young man who attended elite private schools and for years was a permanent student at the University of Virginia, the University of Chicago, and finally Duke University. His heroes are all European fascists and neo-fascists including Carl Schmitt, Ernst Junger, Martin Heidegger, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey, and Aleksander Dugin. He describes himself, like Dugin, as an eco-fascist working on constructing the third and final Roman Empire. Spencer endorsed Joe Biden for president.

The very first sentences of the manifesto of the El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius, age 21, say that he endorses the Christchurch shooter’s Manifesto. Crusius allegedly posted his manifesto on 8 Chan minutes before he went into an El Paso Walmart and deliberately mowed down Hispanics along with random white people caught in his AK47’s sight. Despite the repugnant coherence of his alleged “manifesto,” law enforcement officials describe him as very, very disoriented and confused when he was arrested. His defense attorneys say he was psychotic. No motive was established in the Gilroy shooting case because the shooter had both left- and right-wing views and literature. But he also was mentally ill. 

The Christchurch Manifesto was allegedly written by Brenden Tarrant and posted on 8 Chan just prior to killing 51 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March 2019. Tarrant’s extremely well-organized propaganda rant leads with a circle divided into what he describes as the main policy planks of the Alt Right: anti-imperialism, environmentalism, responsible markets, addiction free community, law and order, ethnic autonomy, protective of heritage and culture, and worker’s rights. But, in his first sentence, Tarrant declares himself an eco-fascist. He says Muslims and other non-White Europeans must be killed off because of over-population. Like Prince Philip and Henry Kissinger before him, he says the breeding habits of non-whites will exhaust the earth’s limited resources. He believes the gun rights issue in the United States can and must be used to provoke a civil war which will result in the Balkanization of the United States into racially homogenous ethno-states.

Tarrant equates the nation-state with inevitable cultural decline and tyranny. Prior to the massacre, Tarrant had contacts with Ukraine’s notorious Azov and related battalions of neo-Nazis, the same people Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland installed in the Ukraine government after the 2014 color revolution and continuing civil war which they orchestrated there. 

Such racially homogenous ethno-states, a modern form of feudal city state, are also sought by the Black Lives Matter organization and the related Extinction Rebellion climate organization. It is the ideal form of government championed by the critical theorists of cultural Marxism. Thus, to meet the mythical threat of anthropogenic climate change, the eco-fascists of the right and the left both cite the need for depopulation and devolution into small homogenous communities –the feudal forms of life appropriate to the feudal decarbonized economy Joe Biden and his British imperial controllers are attempting to create.

Barbara Boyd's Strategic Overview from June 21, 2021