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America's World War II economic mobilization had the potential to continue after the war and to transform the world. Nuclear power and the widespread use of electricity was at hand. If Franklin Roosevelt’s intention to end the British empire’s grip on the developing sector had succeeded, America's then-powerful industrial machine would have had a huge market for capital goods exports. Instead, we ended up in a Cold War. Much of the world, especially the developing sector, was thrown aside, and the United States began its descent into deindustrialization and cultural collapse, culminating in today's extreme hedonism and digital insanity.

So here we are. Many of our towns are rotted, absent of our once-great heavy industry. Our farmers are under attack. Our bankers and fat cats engage in the most extreme ponzi frauds, in broad daylight. Our children languish, at best. And our justice system protects the most corrupt. while criminalizing the truth.

Within weeks, Russia will likely call NATO's bluff and finish their operation in Ukraine. Will NATO survive? Can the EU survive the winter? How long will the Americans accept this state of collapse while the klepto-class flaunts its heinous crimes?

Now is the time to build a movement. President Trump's campaign is the spear head. The American people, and people around the world are the shaft. It's time to kill the beast.