A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft is launched on NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 mission to the International Space Station. April 23, 2022 Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

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NASA recently issued a release titled, “Biden-Harris Administration Shows Strong Support for NASA in the First 100 days” According to the release,“In the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration, NASA has taken bold steps to expand America’s exploration and scientific frontiers advancing the nation’s commitment to build back better through innovation, combat climate change, reestablish America’s standing abroad, and inspire the next generation.”

What does this vacuous gibberish actually mean?

True, Biden’s fiscal year 2022 NASA budget request is for $24.7 billion, an increase of more than 6% over what the agency received in fiscal year 2021. But what is the primary focus of this funding? Climate Change. To advance this Luddite agenda and its accompanying perspective of banning modern energy sources, modern agriculture, and industrial development, Biden established a new position of Senior Climate Advisor manned by Gavin Schmidt. Schmidt is a fanatical climate modeler bending scientific principles to conform to the popular and hysterical myth of anthropogenic catastrophic climate change pushed by the world’s oligarchs for purposes of maintaining their control of earth’s economies and resources.

To add insult to injury, Vice-President Kamala Harris will, as is tradition, chair the National Space Council. So far Harris has pronounced that she will focus on climate and diversity, fitting her policy prescriptions for everything. For example, she has pontificated that a border crisis caused by the Biden Administration’s open invitation to come here and facilitated by drug and criminal cartels in a modern form of the slave trade, somehow is caused by climate change. It can be presumed that the Vice-President has little knowledge of or curiosity about actual space exploration.

NASA’s acting Administrator Steve Jurczky heralded the appointment of Schmidt thusly: “This position will provide NASA leadership critical insights and recommendations for the agency’s full spectrum of science, technology, and infrastructure programs related to climate . . [enabling] the agency to more effectively align our efforts to help meet the administration’s goals for addressing climate change.” In addition, NASA has appointed a “diversity and inclusion advisor” to enable NASA “to advance the administration's commitment to advance racial equity”.

So, critical race theory and the Green New Deal are being forced on NASA, creating maximum drag in a program which must now take off for the sake of our economic survival. At the same time, the Biden collective claims that Biden is fully committed to the Artemis Program. The change here is that instead of landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024, Biden claims he will land the first woman and person of color on the surface of the moon in 2024.

Former U.S. Senator Bill Nelson who was recently confirmed as NASA 14th administrator, expressed his support for the Artemis Program during his confirmation hearings. He said he would aim to stick to the tight schedule of putting boots on the Moon three and a half years from now and also stuck to NASA’s goal of sending humans to Mars by 2030, subject to further competition for the Mars lander. Former astronaut Pam Melroy, who will serve as Deputy Director, has been enthusiastically endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress and former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

But significant political problems have emerged over the past few days concerning the Artemis timeline illustrating the explosive contradiction at the center of NASA’s current defined mission: pursuit of the myth of climate change simultaneous to pursuit of an advanced colonization program for the Moon and Mars.

NASA suspended its $2.9 billion contract with Space X to send astronauts to the moon based on complaints by Space X’s competitors, Blue Origin and Dynetics. In 2020, NASA had announced that three U.S. companies would compete to develop the human landers that would land astronauts on the Moon beginning in 2024 as part of the Artemis program. But due to budget cuts in the current fiscal year and more emphasis put on climate science, Congress only provided $850 million, a quarter of what NASA had requested under Administrator Jim Bridenstine for the development of the Lunar landers. It is now being reported that when NASA officials announced SpaceX as the sole winner of this contest, it was the limited budget awarded by Congress that governed the decision.

According to a report printed in The Verge, “Space X’s fully reusable rocket system under development to eventually ferry humans and cargo to the Moon and Mars, won NASA’s award mainly for its massive cargo capability and its proposed bid of $2.9 billion -- far cheaper than Blue Origin's and Dynetics.”

Nonetheless, NASA’s remarkable recent achievements are creating an excitement in the population and scientific optimism which may be sufficient to overcome the pessimism and insanity of the flat earthers. We are now launching American astronauts and more recently international astronauts on American (SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets) from American soil. America landed its newest rover Perseverance on Mars, now on the search for evidence of past microbial life on Mars in Jezero crater. The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has achieved powered flight on Mars for the fourth time, and now will be pushed to its full potential.

In the Artemis Lunar Exploration Program Overview, released by NASA last year during the Presidency of Donald Trump and under the leadership of NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, the introduction starts as follows,” America has entered a new era of exploration. NASA’s Artemis program will lead humanity forward to the Moon and prepare us for the next giant leap, the exploration of Mars.”

Meeting the goals of the Artemis program to return American astronauts to the Moon and building the resources on the Moon to prepare the way for human missions to Mars requires the most advanced scientific and technological achievements. These achievements, in turn, will power earth’s economy out of primitive conditions of development and overcome any challenges posed here by the types of changes in climate we are now seeing -- changes of climate which have occurred in cycles throughout the earth’s history. The Artemis scientific adventure requires mastering advanced research in nuclear science and propulsion systems. It will require rapid advancement of fusion powered rockets to shorten eventual long duration flights to Mars. It will require building whole synthetic environments from scratch in which humans can survive and prosper. On Mars, the MOXIE instrument on Perseverance just extracted oxygen from Mars’ atmosphere while the helicopter, Ingenuity, successfully began surveys of the planet.

Joe Biden and his incompetent nursery should be educated that you can’t power rockets fully by harnessing them to earth and that is what the present chaining of NASA to the insanity of the climate catastrophe lobby portends. The anti-science mob completely controlled NASA under Obama/Biden. Now, the economic crisis and potential human devastation provoked by the very financial oligarchs pushing the climate myth does not allow us the luxury of being fooled again. To get out of this crisis, we require a scientific revolution conducted on a crash program basis. The 50-year international crash program for lunar industrialization, and the development of fusion powered spaceflight, long outlined in the Moon-Mars colonization program presented by the late economist Lyndon LaRouche, is the immediate platform for that revolution.

The Artemis program outlined under President Trump is an urgent step in this process. Don’t let anyone hold that progress back.