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The Biden collective's game plan could not be clearer. Recouple the United States to today's global empire, which metastasized into its current form after the 2008 collapse. The population is to be controlled by reducing it to warring tribes, as has been done in all the Empire's colonial properties. No tribe is to have the gifts of scientific knowledge and advanced technologies, by which they can free themselves and by which they can build a future for themselves and their posterity.

That global empire is what Donald Trump repudiated. And, last week in the Rittenhouse verdict, we learned that all of the evil machinations of this crowd cannot stand—even now—when men and women of courage are given a forum to reason.

We must start to work now for the economy which must emerge out of the 2022 elections. Simply redressing and reversing the mess created by these monsters will not be sufficient. We must create a standard of economic and scientific competence to which we will hold all candidates.