Pickens, SC - Trump rally. June 1, 2023 Photo: LaRouchePAC

A note to readers: this is an old post on the archive website for Promethean PAC. It was written when we were known as LaRouche PAC, before changing our name to Promethean PAC in April 2024. You can find the latest daily news and updates on www.PrometheanAction.com. Additionally, Promethean PAC has a new website at www.PrometheanPAC.com.

Saturday, July 1st saw a huge Trump rally in Pickens, South Carolina, involving more than 50,000 people undaunted by the stifling summer heat.  LaRouche PAC’s organizers from Texas and Virginia, on the spot, said that most of the crowd came from the South Carolina, now scheduled to be the first DNC approved Democratic primary (Biden can’t handle anything but a rigged job) and the third primary in the GOP schedule. The apparent effort by the hornless RINOs to run both Senator Tim Scott and Nikki Haley to split the MAGA vote in the state appears as dead as Senator Lindsey Graham’s attempt to conceal his war mongering treason and gain favor by endorsing Trump. Graham was practically booed off the stage while attempting to address this crowd. There was a significant large component of young families shepherding their young children. The mood was one of determination and kindness toward all, as is usual at Trump’s rallies.

LaRouche PAC’s organizers brought their championing of the bold economic vision displayed in Trump’s Agenda 47 economic proposals to the lines entering the rally.  Every piece of literature they had was gobbled up as people expressed their appreciation about knowing Trump has a total transformative economic agenda for his second term. Few were familiar with these proposals. But, without exception, everyone encountered was excited by the optimistic vision of the future Trump is vowing to build, the universal response LaRouche PAC encounters everywhere about these proposals.

The 45th President’s speech once again featured a delicious surprise—an allusion to the 1781 Battle of Cowpens fought just a few miles from the Pickens rally site. The genius of Brigadier Daniel Morgan in creating a double envelopment of British troops, all of it based on understanding how to exploit the weaknesses of his own forces and the proclivities of the British, changed the course of the war. General Andrew Pickens played a starring role in Morgan’s decisive subterfuge against the numerically superior British forces. In a follow-up email, Trump compared our situation now, with “our nation in decline,” to the bleak outlook for our forefathers at that point in the battle for the Republic. The locally well-known story of Cowpens, demonstrating how courage, creative imagination, intelligence, and skill overcomes the seemingly difficult or impossible, seems a most appropriate theme for this moment.

Meanwhile, back at hornless Rino Zoo, Bush guru Karl Rove ran around Aspen proclaiming that all the rest of the Republican field must understand that the entire primary race is not really about running for President of the United States (in reference to DeSantis) but about “dealing blows to Donald Trump.” Millions of dollars are being assembled from the DC donor establishment to accomplish this with the Koch interests announcing last week that they have raised $70 million for the effort.

Nonetheless, DeSantis spokesperson Steve Cortes admitted Sunday night after Trump’s gargantuan South Carolina rally that Ron DeSanctimonious et. al, are “far,” “far” behind. In his imitation Trump act, now attempting a run at what he fantasizes to be Trump’s nominal right, the autistic Florida governor is now donning a blue Carhartt uniform in a consultant scripted attempt to signal allegiance with the working men and women of the country.  He announced that he wants to simply shoot people attempting to cross the border and abolish the Departments of Energy, Education, and Commerce, along with the IRS.  In place of the IRS, he would impose a flat tax, notorious as a means to enrich the rich and scalp the working and middle classes.  As one MAGA supporter put it, “how stupid do they really think we are?”

What the oblivious RINO Zoo can’t fathom is how completely out of touch they are with most Americans. Like Trump, most Americans view the 2024 election as the last battle for the survival of the Republic. They are increasingly impervious to BS.  That’s why with every lawfare blow struck against Donald Trump, his poll numbers absolutely surge.