UN Climate Change

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Hopefully you’ve been ignoring it, but the doomsday climate-change cultists just ended their latest mass gathering at COP28 in Dubai. As Robert Ingraham covers it quite well in his recent piece, “COP28: The Coming Fall Of Babylon,” this is nothing more than a globalist (i.e. oligarchical) push to limit economic development and resource utilization by the masses (for deeper background, see my 2021 presentation “Malthusian Origins of the Climate Change Scare”).  It’s notable that there was a huge fight at the conference, with many nations refusing to sign a suicide pact calling for the rapid end of fossil fuel consumption, and it concluded with only a vague agreement about a gradual and “equitable” transition. Individual nations, and, most importantly, their populations, will have to decide if (and how far) they’ll continue down this road to serfdom.

Needless to say, President Trump’s reelection is the quickest way to save the USA from this insanity. 

In the context of mass media’s typical anti-humanity, anti-development propaganda blitz around COP28, it’s worth highlighting a recent study showing the immense power mankind uniquely has for creating progress in the universe. 

Did you know that a June 2023 study ("The metabolic rate of the biosphere and its components") showed that humanity’s overall impact on the environment has nearly doubled the productivity of the entire biosphere per unit mass?!  Despite all the hysterical claims that mankind supposedly destroys the environment, we see that mankind’s overall impact (through agriculture, land management, and the positive benefits of CO2 release) has been to bring the biosphere as a whole to a significantly higher rate of productivity (measured as “mass-specific metabolic rate” in this study). 

“The implication is that humanity has nearly doubled the mass-specific metabolic rate of Earth’s biosphere, despite comprising less than 0.02% of its mass." 

Not to get too technical, but this metric is actually pretty important.  “Mass-specific metabolic rate” just means the rate of energy consumption per unit mass, which is very similar to what American physical economist Lyndon LaRouche developed earlier as “energy flux density.”  

Others have also come to see the rate of energy consumption per unit mass as a key metric to measure the progress and development of systems.  Probably most interesting, a 2014 study, “The Natural Science Underlying Big History,” showed this to be a fully universal metric, so that the development of everything from galaxies, to stars, to the evolution of life, to human society are all measured by increasing energy flux density. (That author used the term “energy rate density,” but the metric is essentially synonymous.)

So, by this universal metric of progress, mankind, uniquely, has brought the biosphere to nearly double its natural productivity levels.  Incredible! 

Follow that with one simple, additional realization: we know at some point the evolution of our Sun will ensure the Earth is no longer capable of supporting life.  That may be billions of years into the future, but it’s an inevitable fact. So, we know that life on Earth is ultimately doomed—but we also know that mankind is the only species that can expand the biosphere to other planets, other star systems, and beyond.  

We should be praising human development, and seeing mankind as a beautiful and unique force for the good. 

In contrast to that reality, the COP28 conference represents pure evil, and any and all of its policy proposals must be defeated.  Both the progress of society and the continuation of life as we’ve known it depend upon the continued progress of mankind, requiring ever greater leaps in the energy flux density of the economy.  


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