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Speaker: Tony Papert, Promethean Action Associate – As Joe Biden's blundering drives us headlong toward nuclear war, how do we counter these madmen and their ilk? There is no threat to the U.S. from Europe or Asia in reality. This is only the sucker role played by the U.S. for Britain geopolitical designs since the end of World War II. Before that, our founders and most U.S.presidents adhered to the Monroe Doctrine as understood by John Quincy Adams, not the one you heard in school. Understanding this is now urgent.

America’s Security Rests in the Monroe Doctrine—The Real One, Not What they Teach in School

After all of Biden’s screaming about Putin, Trump and Hitler in his so-called State of the Union, you can’t help wondering whether he just might be crazy enough to send US troops to fight in Ukraine, as Ukraine’s army crumbles away.

Citizens and Congressmen had better keep their eyes peeled, and patriotic military officers—there are plenty of them—review the difference between lawful and unlawful orders, and their oath to the Constitution.

In any case, sending guns to kill Russians in Ukraine endangers American security, rather than preserving it. America faces no security threat now in Europe, nor in Asia.  Nor in the Middle East, where thousands of our troops are scattered around in indefensible basis, merely to serve as human tripwires for a war with Iran.

Our open southern border is where our security is threatened now, not overseas. Rather than manning useless foreign bases we can’t afford, our troops should be here, manning our southern border as they have for most of our history.

America’s role in the world is not to spread “democracy” through wars in the Middle East and Europe, while our own elections are stolen from us here at home.

But where does our security lie? Our greatest Presidents knew it lies in building up this Western hemisphere as the home of advancing, sovereign sister republics. Not through arms, but through science, trade, technology, and example. If the one billion people who live here are as ready and able to defend their nations’ sovereignties as we are, surely we can repel any future threats from Europe or Asia.

There is also a vital economic dimension. To recreate America as an industrial superpower as President Trump has promised in his “Agenda 47” for his second term, we will need large-scale markets for our advanced capital-goods exports. But with Europe and China in recession or depression, where can these markets be found? Here in the Americas! Presidents John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy understood this. You will too.