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The tide is changing. The election antics replayed in Pennsylvania expose the obscenity of the 2020 election. Hillary already lies under a bus and the Russiagate trial has only just begun. Joe hopes he'll get a pony for his birthday, and the nominal leaders of Ukraine and NATO are ready to sacrifice every Ukrainian, while they play toy solders, and the entire post-war system melts down around them.

The American people are not tolerating this, with 80% of the American people in revolt. The economy is the number one issue, as the Biden Breakdown picks up speed.

But this is no time to merely petition our government. Doing that would be like milking a male goat!

We are now responsible for running the country. There's no other option. Crack pipes and ivy league credentials disqualify the entire political and financial class. They are that unqualified...and worse.

This is a Republic. We must take the reins. Ready?