Christropher Wray testifying at a Senate Homeland Security Hearing. CBS Screengrab

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Fittingly on Halloween, two real jokers, Chris Wray of the FBI and Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security, put on a testimonial show Monday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. I do mean “joker” as in the psychotic criminal personage of Batman comic fame.

An expanding religious war now engulfs the Middle East. Our southern and northern borders are wide open, due to the malfeasance of these two. Various jihadi terrorist cells are present and operating in alliance with Mexico’s drug cartels. Known terrorists cross the open borders every day. We are clearly due for a terrorist incident either as a result of the insane incompetence of these two servants of the senile President and others, or by the design of those pulling their strings. Such an incident, designed to sow chaos and fear and result in new emergency decrees, is clearly an option as Donald Trump continues to triumph in the polls despite everything the oligarchs who control the present Washington regime have thrown at him.

Both Wray and Mayorkas now need to be fired as an essential step toward world peace, not just domestic tranquility, as I will outline below. We have a petition calling for the defunding of the prosecutions of Donald Trump and the impeachment of Merrick Garland which need to be prioritized by the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. Ensuring that Congress enacts these measures, defunding Jack Smith and his state prosecutor co-conspirators, and impeaching the Attorney General who is the ultimate constitutional officer with respect to domestic security, creates the climate for a wholesale sacking of those who are selling out and destroying our country. That includes the two jokers, Wray and Mayorkas. Please sign and circulate this petition.

The petition’s demands need to be taken to the forefront of the current political debate, inclusive of the debate over new funding for wars in Ukraine and Israel and the border. The MAGA movement ensured that the House of Representatives can become a weapon for the good of this nation. Now, it is time for the MAGA movement to wield that power to ensure that Washington’s minions don’t use foreign wars to enslave us all. You have become a strategic factor in world events; embrace that identity because what happens next depends on you. If the American population rises up against these prosecutions and in support of Donald Trump, the only candidate ensuring peace rather than forever wars, the entire world will recognize that and dismiss the bellicose and crazed ramblings of the fascists claiming to represent us.

Yesterday, Chris Wray, bloviated away about how terrorists may “exploit” the war in the Middle East to perform terrorist acts here. He urged us all to be “vigilant” as the conditions for the very terrorist attack he is warning about are nurtured and allowed to mature under his watch.

Has the border been closed? Knowing the history, that would be the first step of any sane administration. Are we rounding up the people we know have a history of terrorism? Nope. More importantly, are we using what we know about state-sponsored terrorism, including the state-sponsored terrorist groups we sponsor, to cut off the funding to these groups? Instead, these jackboots continue to arrest Trump supporters for misdemeanor entries to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, while slapping Gag Orders on Donald Trump so he can’t tell the public what he knows about all of this.

Are we talking to Russia and China, and the Arab world and Israel about curbing the violence in the Middle East? Not really. Russia is the key player here. Putin understands the forces at work in this dynamic probably better than any world leader, with the exception of Donald Trump, and has alliances with all the key players including in Israel. He has said that the current war in the Middle East represents the deliberate unleashing of unending religious war. Since the satanic Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington resurrected the satanist Lord Palmerston’s employment of religious gangs in warfare in the 1970s, the United States government, in conjunction with the British have used religious terrorists repeatedly to undermine and destabilize sovereign nation states on behalf of globalist world empire. The use of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to bleed the Soviet Union on its borders, an enterprise which led directly to 9/11 and the Iraq War are typical of this madness. We covered the deeper history of all of this in our weekly update on Monday.

Yet, Putin, who could be helping us here, is repeatedly targeted by our insane President for extinction. He must be taken out, the senile President declared last week. This man, Biden, and his globalist puppet masters orchestrated an entire war in Ukraine which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people on behalf of eliminating the present President of Russia. That war, it is now acknowledged, has been lost, but you wouldn’t know it from the headlines. Instead, a new war replaces it, with even more deadly potential. As he claims to seek peace, Biden declares a new axis of evil consisting of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Three of those nations could be working with us to constrain the violence which almost certainly will erupt here.  Instead, the Beltway Bandit defense contractors and their Wall Street financiers lick their chops. Biden and his buddy, Sen. Mitch McConnell argue that war production is the key to the industrial revival of the United States. 

History has demonstrated that all terrorism is state-sponsored terrorism as Lyndon LaRouche often said. It is the violent aspect of irregular or low intensity warfare. Describing it or analyzing it as a sociological phenomenon, an organic response to oppression, is a deliberate and disgusting lie and cover-up for the actual source of the problem.

Hamas is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood which works for British and U.S. intelligence and was recently employed by Benjamin Netanyahu to prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state. This bestial gang is not the natural result of the oppression directed at the Palestinian people. Installed in Gaza, Hamas controls all social services and access to food, water, and power. They are a tool of counterinsurgency, or irregular warfare meant to terrorize the Palestinians into suicidal obedience. Their charter opposes the existence of the Israeli state in any form. Like their counterpart on the Israeli side, the Messianic Zionists, the potential for a two-state solution and peace is the target.

Because of Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords, this crossroads of the world which had been the cockpit of wars for centuries, was on the verge of peace before October 7th. The sick players of the “Great Game,” increasingly exposed and losing their power, have something very different and horrific in mind.  But their power is gone.  No one believes them anymore.  The field is clear for exposing them and ending their regime once and for all.  Ensure that the Trump prosecutions are defunded and that Garland is impeached.  Ensure that the border is closed and their war plans are defeated.  With the new House and our new power, we can do this now.