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Sign the Petition, Visit your U.S. Representative

The legal brains who successfully fought the deep state support this petition’s premise. 

Who: Kash Patel, the lawyer who ran the House Intelligence Committee exposure and defeat of Russiagate. After the House Intelligence Committee proved the whole Russiagate attack on President Trump was a bogus fraud, Robert Mueller, and the DOJ/FBI had to stop. 

What:  He has been calling for weeks for the House to defund those sections of the Justice Department  involved in running this onslaught. In this video, he says the DOJ thugs stonewalled the House Intelligence Committee until the House threatened their funding. 

Who: Mike Davis, former Supreme Court clerk to Neil Gorsuch and chief judicial counsel to Sen. Chuck Grassley who shepherded Justice Brett Kavanaugh through confirmation to the Supreme Court.

What: He says that once you punch back against these leftist thugs, they fold. He says, start impeachment against Garland now, focusing on the coordination between Jack Smith and the state prosecutors in Georgia and New York which exists. Pass an appropriations rider in the House barring any funding of any prosecution of any presidential candidate until after the election (which Trump will win if the lawfare stops). That way it is non-partisan and cannot be attacked legally.

A Growing Movement in Congress says the same thing: 

Who: Matt Gaetz (R. Fl) has introduced legislation (H.R. 4707) to defund Jack Smith, as has Andy Ogles (R. Tn), who calls his bill (H.R. 5194), "You're Fired." 

What: Both are calling on Speaker Kevin McCarthy to back it and put it through the House. Gaetz is also demanding the beginning of an impeachment proceeding against Merrick Garland along with Rep. Marjorie Taylore Greene (R. Ga). All three representatives say that their fellow members of Congress need to hear from their constituents and be told to act on these measures. Only by using the U.S. Constitution, and the powers of Congress which flow from it, will we succeed. If we make clear to Congress that we will fight and not give in to the thuggery and criminality of this deeply embedded apparatus, and we make equally clear that we will throw out of office any elected official who does not join this fight, we will win. 

Who: CBS News Freaks Out.

What: On August 16, 2023, they say the Congressional effort to Strip Jack Smith of money is “growing.” 

Why: The only reason for the wild and reckless Georgia prosecution and for the prosecution of the Trump elector slate in Michigan is that Democrats and most Republicans in both states are breaking for Trump because of the economy. Both states saw massive fraud in 2020. UAW workers for example, love Donald Trump and will vote for him, not the absurd Joe Biden. 

Sign and Circulate the Petition. Contact your Representative and tell them to act.