FBI Director Chris Wray before the House Judiciary Committee. Photo: WP Screengrab

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FBI Director Chris Wray sauntered into the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, July 14th and smugly lied his ass off. As George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley noted:  he treated the public “like chumps” in testimony which was “maddening.”  He expressed theatrical contrition for past sins as documented by John Durham and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, but on the present legal atrocities: the serial prosecutions of Donald Trump in order to rig the 2024 elections, the ongoing censorship industrial complex which played a huge role in the rigging of the 2020 elections and the continuing menticide aimed at the American people, the J6 and related COINTELPRO attacks on the MAGA movement, the systemic abuse of the FISA database, the collaboration with the Ukrainian intelligence services to censor antiwar voices, and the protection of the pathetic Biden family corruption, Wray defiantly lied.

He got away with it because the House Republicans were unprepared to do anything but stage cameos of themselves beating Wray up, no doubt filmed for future campaign videos. The Democrats, as usual in these farcical hearings now, read from scripts swooning over their alliance with the National Security State while accusing that State’s hunted targets of paranoia, living in the past, and gratuitous fabrication.

Kash Patel, who headed Devin Nunes’ superb investigative team for the House Intelligence Committee which unraveled and exposed the entire Russiagate hoax, has been highly critical of the present House Judiciary Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Government. Where are the prosecutors who know how to put a case and a public presentation together? Where are the subpoenas and court proceedings to enforce them for depositions and documents, the building blocks of any investigation? Moreover, where is the passion and intelligence necessary to craft the type of investigation which could take down the absurd prosecutions of Donald Trump, zeroing them out financially under the Holman Rule, and fully justify that step in the public mind? It’s clear that Patel thinks that the House has decided to stop short of its primary historical imperative, ending the deadly lawfare against Donald Trump and MAGA, and that clock is now ticking. That must be the only item on this committee’s agenda.

Despite the fact that the lawfare is only increasing Trump’s support and making it rock solid, it is deeply corrosive to the vitality of the Republic and distracts a focused attack on all the other cognitive warfare poisons the globalist Anglo-Dutch Empire has deployed in its war on our Republic:  Drugs, pedophilia, pornography and sex trafficking, enslaving an entire generation of children, a miseducation system designed solely to produce a compliant and braindead labor force, rampant unchecked crime and immigration, the Malthusian reshaping of all economies under the globalist Green New Deal and Great Reset, the war in Europe which could very well end the human race.  None of these cognitive warfare phenomena happen without state support and the state supporting it is the predatory alien Anglo-Dutch financial empire functioning offshore and out of sight. Nor are these cognitive warfare weapons particularly new as weapons of war. After all, British agent and fake “philosopher” Jeremy Bentham wrote a full defense of pederasty and designed a censorship and penal apparatus called the Panopticon upon which today’s woke totalitarian censorship and social credit policies are modeled. Donald Trump stands in their way.

In Georgia, Soros backed DA Fani Willis has convened two grand juries to bring indictments against Trump and his allies in August. Arizona’s imposed new Attorney General and Never Trumper Kris Mayes, has just opened a similar probe of Trump pledged electors contesting the 2020 election. The jack-booted Special Prosecutor Jack Smith in the Mar-a-Lago document case is now seeking a December 2023 trial date in that case while pursuing his planned J6 prosecution of the former president in Washington, D.C.

In 1932-33, Ferdinand Pecora, a former Manhattan Assistant DA, changed history when, on behalf of the U.S. Senate, he hauled the leading lights of finance before the public in the Senate’s investigation of Wall Street’s collapse and the Great Depression. The result was Glass/Steagall, the fencing off of speculative finance from commercial banking, putting Wall Street on its own while promoting Main Street, which sustained economic prosperity for decades.

The topic of three of the Trump investigations is the stolen election of 2020 and the Security State controlled riot of January 6th which was the last act of the coup. As this author and others have documented, all of the events which followed the recognition in December of 2019 that Trump’s first impeachment would fail:  the summer of riots, the COVID misinformation and mandates, the state censorship apparatus on steroids, the seeding of the military and the now recruited militant street forces for executing a plan to physically take Trump out of office if he won the election, the deliberate terrorism directed at the Supreme Court and other courts, the rigging of the election, were part of a color revolution orchestrated by the Security State, the Democratic Party, and related intelligence operations by the British and Ukrainian intelligence services.

The public locus for planning this were war games conducted at the Transition Integrity Project at Georgetown University. Investigate these events, tracing them through our intelligence services to their obvious offshore financial controllers! Many of these events and their participants are already in the public domain. One of the critical items which remain open is whether Bill Barr was an agent of this apparatus all along or whether something was done to stoke his institutional cowardice as President Trump suspects.

How do we conduct the countercoup? Way back in September of 2020, President Trump demonstrated that he understands this in a groundbreaking speech on Constitution Day. We covered this speech in the context of Lyndon LaRouche’s discussions of how to wage an effective and winning People’s War. Like Trump, LaRouche emphasizes that the primary offensive weapon is cultural. In his speech, President Trump said that America was exceptional because of the intellectual ideas and culture demonstrated by our founders and embodied in the American Revolution. He indicated that a modern version of that culture was his goal. LaRouche opens his own discussion of People’s War with the following two points:

  1. Warfare is essentially a matter of political will, with respect to which weapons are but the material means for the expression of that will. People’s War, LaRouche said, is approximately 1% lethal conflict and 99% cultural war. The most fundamental question in any countercoup, such as that which is proposed now, is the task of separating the actual armed insurgent forces from their actual and potential political base. If this can be done successfully, the insurgents can be effectively mopped up. (In other words, the MAGA movement must recruit the minority populations, trade unions, young people, and other elements of the taken for granted and actually disenfranchised Democratic “base.”)
  2. Success in this venture is a cultural question. In the case of the United States, can the revolutionary identity of the American people—situated, as the President said, in 1,000 years of Judeo-Christian civilization, and the Renaissance—be successfully captured and resurrected? Or are we stuck with the Satanism and hedonism which attacked us after World War II in the form of pragmatism and classic British liberalism, and then morphed, like a deadly virus, into the 1960s rock-drug-sex counterculture, destroying our will to fight against those who would destroy us. The 1960s belief systems and ideologies are what you see on the street now. The New Left is in the institutions and in the board rooms and a whole generation of children has been educated based on these synthetic ideologies. Donald Trump is the first President to ever take this on directly, if incompletely. Winning wholly depends on whether the people take up the same ideas calmly, strategically, with the future of the next 50 years in mind, and with complete and total attention and focus. You can read our full account of LaRouche’s discussion here.