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On Tuesday May 9th, a jury in Manhattan’s Southern District Federal Court found Donald Trump not guilty of raping one E. Jean Carroll sometime in the 1990s. They did, however, find Trump guilty of some type of sexual misconduct with Carroll—although this verdict was completely at odds with her graphic testimony concerning what she claimed happened. They also found Trump guilty of defaming her for claiming that Carroll made the entire incident up to sell books. They awarded her $5 million in damages. The defamation verdict was also inconsistent with the jury’s apparent complete rejection of E. Jean Carroll’s testimony about her claims. The jury somehow found that Trump defamed Carroll when he said she made up the account of the rape, just as they themselves completely rejected her account of the rape in finding Trump not guilty on that charge. Trump’s legal team immediately announced that they would appeal.

The jury took all of 3 hours, suggesting to this court-watcher that they had discussed fully what they would do well ahead of actual deliberations. Had they followed through on what their verdict otherwise showed they believed, they would have completely rejected all of Carroll’s claims. But it is clear, they believed that doing so would subject themselves and their families to pure hell in the woke environs of Manhattan. So, they compromised the truth, just as cowards do every time they remain silent in the face of the lies told to them which they know to be untrue. 

Manhattan, of course, was once the center of a vibrant intellectual culture, with numerous rebels, innovators, and other brave souls leading the way. Its current subjugation invokes the obvious parallel with Germany during the decadent Weimar period following the inhuman brutality of World War I:  how could Germany with its high intellectual culture, succumb to the evil and base bestiality that was the Hitler regime when it had once housed Beethoven, Schiller, Mozart, Bach, and Brahms, among many others, from its classical period?

The verdict came amid complete regime panic about Trump’s ongoing surge in the polls. The more the current regime attacks, amid a sour and collapsing economy, a losing war in Ukraine, and a full-blown cultural crisis in which core principles of human identity are under attack, the more Trump garners support for his presidential bid. The media and Mitch McConnell’s crew of Senators, along with other hollow men of the GOP’s old guard, crowed that this time the population would react by rejecting Trump. That will not happen so long as citizens understand the entirely rigged nature of this game and act to change it.

In a parallel development, on Monday, Acting New York Supreme Court Justice, Juan Merchan, issued a partial gag order in Trump’s criminal case there. It prevents Trump from publicly discussing materials provided to Trump and his defense team from the files of the prosecution. New York’s state criminal courts have long had an open discovery process, providing criminal defendants more discovery than either the federal or most state criminal justice systems. Despite the obvious unfairness and unconstitutionality of this ruling, it signals that prosecutors are deathly afraid of what is to be found in their own files about this rigged criminal case brought as the result of political pressure on the George Soros-funded Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg.

E. Jean Carroll claimed that Trump had raped her in a dressing room at Manhattan’s store for the rich, Bergdorf Goodman. She did not scream, or ask for help, or report it to anyone for decades except, allegedly, two close friends. She claimed the lingerie section of the store had been completely empty even though it is normally teeming with customers and eager salespeople ready to pounce on customers for hefty commissions. It had been and is thoroughly monitored by security cameras—especially the dressing rooms where thefts occur. She had never referenced the alleged incident until 2019 when New York, in the wake of the mad excesses of the “Me-Too” movement, eliminated the statute of limitations for criminal first-degree rape and extended it for other sexual crimes, and extended the statute of limitations for civil claims to 20 years. This extension obviously creates huge difficulties for an accused as potential defense witnesses and recollections are lost with the passage of time.

In 2019, when first reporting her claims, Carroll sat for an interview with Vanity Fair in which her contradictory account of the alleged event (she called it a fight rather than a rape), her hatred of men generally, her claims that women find violent rape sexy, her propensity to paint the trees around her house blue, as well as to grant such names as Vagina T. Fireball to her cat, and her admissions to flashing her college professors and sexually attacking Roger Ailes, while being repeatedly sexually violated by prominent men, eliminated any possibility for a criminal charge. 

The civil case which she brought carries a lower burden of proof, to wit: “more likely than not,” an ideal standard for Manhattan’s Trump Deranged jury pool. Carroll’s “failure of memory” concerning the date or year deprived Trump of any ability to counter her claims by proving he was somewhere else. He thus had the impossible task of proving a negative. That’s not even half of the fix here.

The very biased judge, Lewis Kaplan, ruled that the jury, as in mafia and terrorist trials, had to be anonymous to prevent harassment, cementing both the jurors’ fears and potential cowardice, and destroying any defense ability to explore potential bias. He let into evidence the infamous Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape from 2016, around which Carroll had structured her entire account of what allegedly happened. Normal rules of evidence would bar that tape from presentation to the jury on multiple grounds, most importantly that it is obviously more prejudicial than probative. He refused to let Trump’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, reference the fact that Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman, who has made a career of funding every aspect of the coup against Donald Trump, starting with the phony Christopher Steele Russia dossier, was entirely funding Carroll’s lawsuit. Yet, one count of Carroll’s defamation claim was that Trump defamed her when he claimed that Democratic Party operatives sponsored her claims.

During Tacopina’s critical and fruitful cross-examination of Carroll, Judge Kaplan repeatedly intervened to contradict Tacopina and bolster Carroll’s direct testimony, prompting Tacopina to petition for a mistrial. Among the many fruitful facts which Tacopina mined was the fact that Carroll was a devotee of the television series, Law and Order, and that that series had included a show featuring an alleged rape of a woman by a prominent man at Bergdorf Goodman.

Much is being made by pundits about Trump not attending the trial or testifying. But, as Trump’s arraignment at Manhattan’s criminal court made clear last month, these appearances are a security trap costing the city, and potentially Trump, millions of dollars to prevent violent incidents involving not just any assassination attempt against Trump, but also threats against court personnel and jurors. It is this writer’s belief that the regime is engineering these threats to precisely produce this result. During the various trials of Lyndon LaRouche, prosecutors repeatedly proposed to jurors and judges that LaRouche and his supporters were violent despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever to buttress such a prejudicial claim.

The judge’s instructions to the jury carried three alternatives for finding Trump guilty on the sexual battery charge pursued by Carroll:  rape, meaning forcible penetration with his penis, forcible touching, which “includes squeezing, grabbing, pinching, rubbing or other bodily contact that involves the application of some level of pressure to the victim’s sexual or intimate parts,” and finally, sexual abuse, meaning sexual contact by physical force or unconsented touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of another person. Carroll emphatically testified that she had been both raped and forcibly touched, and rejected any notion of forceable simple sexual touching. Yet, that is what the jury found, desperate to find Trump guilty of something to salvage what they obviously believed to be their security and future.

It is especially important to emphasize that this cause is hardly lost in terms of Manhattan. New York’s other counties and boroughs are increasingly showing pro-Trump leanings with the pro-Trump Lee Zeldin almost winning the 2022 election for Governor. As crime and anarchy now run rampant, and the city further deteriorates, political organizing from the outer boroughs and counties into the city, the type of outreach Donald Trump is otherwise conducting to Democrats and independents, can help restore Manhattan’s moral core and with it, the courage of its citizens to openly state their actual convictions.