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Hold on to your hats! The entire banking system has been fed on free crack cocaine for 15 years, and the withdrawals have only just begun. Mass protests are now all over Europe, and spreading to South America based on decades of insufficient investment in real production. No wonder Biden and his British neocon "buddies" are pushing a new forever war in Ukraine, and the situation there is bleak, a continuation of the meat- grinders of 20th century insanity.

We need peace now—first to save the tens of thousands of human lives from being sacrificed on the altar of this globalist death cult. But just as important, we need peace because it is a prerequisite for a new economic system, and the rapid construction out of this monetarist hellhole. The globalists know it, and so war at any cost is their only response.

No wonder President Trump faces indictments from every angle. But do any of them hold up under an ounce of scrutiny?

As he said again at Saturday's rally in Waco, TX, we need a quantum leap in living standards. The best way to do that is an entirely new approach to economic science using the American System and LaRouche's system of scientific leaps in the domain of universal principles.