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It was mid Friday afternoon in Washington. This is the perfect time to call surprise press conferences which will dominate the weekend news cycle. So, on the Friday afternoon of November 18th, Attorney General Merrick Garland, flanked by his dominatrix, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, announced that he was appointing Jack Smith as a special prosecutor targeting Donald Trump by pursuing the Mar-a-Lago documents case and “aspects of January 6th.”  Garland said that he was taking this action because Donald Trump had just declared his 2024 campaign for President the Tuesday before. Think about that. That’s what Garland actually said; although, he claimed this would make things appear to be more “fair” and “even-handed”—presumably to some unknown audience which has been living under a rock for the last 7 years.

As we detail below, the Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith is a product of the Barack Obama/Eric Holder/Andrew Weissman/Lisa Monaco weaponization of the Department of Justice which seeks to rapidly consolidate a totalitarian police state in the United States ahead of the looming economic collapse. While 9/11 and the Bush/Cheney Patriot Act set the drive toward emergency decree dictatorship into motion, as William Binney and Edward Snowden showed us, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and their protégés weaponized it as “lawfare,” or targeted political assassination through the courts.

The announcement had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s declaration of his 2024 candidacy or the threat that the senile and addled Joe Biden will run again. It is all about attempting to thwart Congressional investigation of the January 6th setup by the FBI and other intelligence agencies, and the politicization of the Department of Justice and the intelligence community against the MAGA movement and Donald Trump dating back to Trump’s fateful walk down the Trump Tower escalator in 2015.

Jack Smith will gain all the investigative materials from the January 6th investigation. He will cloak anything that points toward the reality of what happened in a veil of secrecy under the rubric of protecting an ongoing criminal investigation. He will also target the Republican members of Congress who protested the November 2020 vote and who are the people who threaten to upset the imperial globalist drive to destroy the United States. In addition, he will reset the failing Mar-a-Lago document narrative and attempt to prosecute President Trump. The time to upend this plan is right now. Conservative Treehouse has the correct analysis of the plan’s intent; although, I disagree with his analysis that the plan is somehow brilliant. It is as desperate as it is craven.

Even some establishment and institutional Republicans were aghast at the escalated targeting of Trump, drawing the obvious, “fairness” conclusion: if that is your ground, where is the special prosecutor concerning Hunter Biden? The traitor, former Attorney General Bill Barr, was an exception. Once again, Barr was out and about in the Never-Trump media declaring that Trump should step aside for 2024 because he “does not have what it takes,” and that the Justice Department now has the goods to make a politically acceptable indictment against him.

President Trump responded with a video statement from Mar-a-Lago where he was attending a gala for the America First Policy Institute. He reprised the selective treatment he is receiving in the documents case: Bill and Hillary Clinton were never prosecuted even though Clinton kept secret audio tapes from his administration in his socks drawer, and Hillary famously had a private server where she stored classified documents and then bleached it clean while under subpoena.  Barack Obama also was allowed to take documents and store them at a selected site by the National Archives. The 45th President reprised the entire completely criminal 7-year unpunished conspiracy against his campaign and presidency. He called for it to stop and to be fought with the full resources of the Republican Party.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green was reporting on Friday night that she had spoken to House leader Kevin McCarthy and that McCarthy had pledged to defund Garland’s new special counsel probe of Trump. That’s a completely necessary first step but it needs to go further.  Any time the DOJ resists a subpoena in the next year, the budget axe needs to be applied and the public fully informed as to why.

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A couple of other factors stand out concerning the timing of the special counsel appointment and its intent. As Trump noted in his response, there was reason to believe that the Mar-a-Lago probe was dead and the same was true in terms of January 6th. One day before Garland’s shot at Trump, on Thursday, November 17th, newly empowered House Republicans announced major investigations of President Joe Biden in the Biden family foreign influence peddling scheme. In the same press conference, Congressman Jim Jordan, who will head the Judiciary Committee, announced plans to investigate the weaponization of the Department of Justice under Biden and Monaco and their predecessors, inclusive of the January 6 Kabuki show.

As the first line of defense against these Congressional investigations, both Tim Thibault and Stephen D’Antuono who led both the corrupt January 6th and Mar-a-Lago documents investigations from the Washington FBI field office have been canned recently in order to place them beyond the reach of Congressional investigators.

On Monday, November 14th,, the Washington Post reported that prosecutors in the Mar-a-Lago documents case had been unable to find any nefarious motive in Trump’s retention of classified documents other than the stubborn belief that they were his. (They claimed, of course, that this was a product of Trump’s oversized ego.) While motive is not relevant to anything they are thinking of charging Trump with, it matters deeply in selling the prosecution to a very skeptical American public, a very large segment of which is in open revolt against the dual track justice system. They were hoping to make the case that Trump was planning to sell the documents or use them for some financial advantage. They have to overcome the obvious selective prosecution and self-defense against an ongoing coup defenses which Trump’s lawyers have signaled in the case. The Post piece also signaled the apparently mundane nature of the classified documents. There appear to be no deep “nuclear secrets”—the main theme of the initial shock and awe Mar-a-Lago narrative.

Who is Jack Smith?

First and foremost, Smith is a product of the Obama Justice Department led by Eric Holder, Obama’s wingman, and Robert Mueller at the FBI. The current DOJ leadership consists, for the most part, of Lisa Monaco running the Department and Andrew Weissman doing the heavy lawfare narrative shaping through the media. Monaco served with Andrew Weissman in the Enron prosecutions by the DOJ—prosecutions which destroyed the international accounting firm Arthur Anderson and numerous side players in the Enron scandal through tactics violating all prosecutorial norms. The Supreme Court reversed the Arthur Anderson prosecution, 9-0. Other Enron prosecutions were reversed with similar rebukes stating that Weissman and his prosecutors literally made up previously non-existent crimes and consciously buried exculpatory evidence. Both Weissman and Monaco then graduated to being key aides to Trump inquisitor Robert Mueller at the FBI as he fully transitioned the FBI away from an actual law enforcement mission. Instead, it became a domestic targeting intelligence agency, or political hit squad, during the Bush administration.

Monaco then became Barack Obama’s Homeland Security and counterterrorism advisor. Weissman led Mueller’s atrocity-filled and unmoored investigation of Trump. Lately Weissman has been publicly lobbying for just this move by Garland, expressing dismay that the ludicrous testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson before the January 6th Committee had not led to an immediate Trump indictment. Hutchinson’s testimony, of course, collapsed as provably false almost immediately after her televised soap opera account of January 6th and her on-camera embrace by her admitted deprogrammer, Liz Cheney.

Even amidst the laudatory mainstream media bios, it is possible to perceive the very dark side of this Mr. Smith’s Washington career. The initial PR photo circulated is one taken in his current incarnation as a prosecutor at the globalist International Criminal Court in the Hague investigating war crimes in Kosovo. He fulfills every aspect of what my imagination told me Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, or his executioners looked like. Jim Jordan in an appearance on Sunday’s Maria Bartiromo show, said Smith’s political hitman credentials were demonstrated when he lined up with the IRS’s Lois Lerner to target conservative groups for political persecution. You can find that history here. 

In its original post, the New York Times, in a failed attempt to illustrate Smith’s prosecutorial chops, emphasized Smith’s lead role in the Manhattan District Attorney’s prosecution of Bloods gang member Ronell Wilson, who killed two police officers in a drug sting gone bad. The case was initially reversed because Smith emphasized Wilson’s failure to testify in his own defense before the jury, a textbook violation of the Fifth Amendment. Later, a federal judge found that Smith was totally incompetent to even stand trial, reversing the death penalty sentence and substituting life in prison.

After a stint as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of New York, Smith was deployed to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, a globalist institution financed and run through the political auspices of George Soros, which the Obama DOJ fell head over heels in love with. At the time, that court was focused on lawfare operations destroying nationalist institutions in Africa, particularly through the prosecution of Omar Al Bashir of Sudan. Lyndon LaRouche commented at the time: “Maybe the ICC stands for ‘I’m for Coke and Cannabis’. . . You don’t believe it? Look at who’s the biggest backer:  George Soros.   It’s a completely British asset; and worse than being simply British, it’s an asset of the international drug pushers . . . It’s against the principle of sovereignty of nation states.” 

From there Smith graduated to the Public Integrity Section of the DOJ, the hit squad against political and national security undesirables ever since ABSCAM and BRILAB. He led it from 2010-2015. At the time of his ascension, PIS was under attack for its completely out of control jihad against then Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Judge Emmett Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, then a vastly different judge operating in a vastly different court, found that prosecutors had violated Stevens’ civil rights by hiding huge masses of completely exculpatory information. The lead prosecutor in the Stevens case committed suicide, while his superiors, as usual, waltzed scot-free. Recruited by Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, Smith proceeded to prosecute Virginia Governor and rising GOP star Bob McDonnell. That verdict was reversed 8 to 0 by the U.S. Supreme Court because prosecutors had overstretched their “honest services” corruption claim, literally inventing a crime.

Barack Obama’s DOJ conducted a jihad against dissident journalists and whistleblowers using the Espionage Act. Journalist John Kiriakou, whistleblowers Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and journalist Julian Assange were all swept into this legal maelstrom. Smith touts the prosecution of Jeffrey Sterling in his sanitized résumé. That arose from a potential James Risen story for the New York Times involving a CIA project, or classified program, known as “Merlin.” It somehow involved Iran and was never even published. Sterling, a Black CIA dissident who left the agency over his claims of invidious racial discrimination, was targeted as Risen’s source even though there was absolutely no evidence demonstrating this. The Black guy who spoke Farsi was just the obvious target, and his life was destroyed. In a veiled recognition of the farce that was the prosecution, U.S. District Judge Leonnie Brinkema, normally a staunch supporter of the intelligence community, gave Sterling a 3 ½ year sentence. Smith’s prosecutors had asked for 20 years.

For some unexplained reason, in 2015, Jack Smith left PIS to become an Assistant US Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee and later served as U.S. Attorney there. He then returned to the Hague, this time as a prosecutor investigating and prosecuting war crimes during the Kosovo war. While that topic is well beyond the present post, that proceeding has been widely debunked as “NATO’s court” and involves the delicate business of covering up the crimes of the NATO sponsored Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA). In addition to atrocities during the conflict, the KIA is widely credited with turning Kosovo into a hellhole of drugs, arms trafficking, human organ sales, and other mafia crimes, along with training international terrorists deployed against Syrian president Assad.