This 1890s political cartoon from the satirical magazine, Judge, illustrating “American Industrial Prosperity” under attack very much portrays our situation today.

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It is as if we were awakening from a bad dream.  Suddenly, a vast majority of Americans is coming to the realization that our society and economy have been twisted into the complete opposite of our intentions.  Individually and originally, the strands which restrain us today were seen as relatively harmless slight tweaks of our society and economy.  Never forget how the British Empire has dominated the world—not by military might but by control of language, perception, and ideas (or lack thereof).  Always look beneath the terms and appearances:  What are the intentions of those who speak and act?  Over and over we see that patriots and imperialists may be using the same words, but with diametrically opposite intentions and consequences.

For example, historically, many American initiatives, both public and private, aimed at decolonization and strengthening of the agro-industrial powers of formerly colonized lands via technology transfer and protection of infant industries.  Few remember that it was the long-term American efforts to both promote and protect the industrial development and territorial independence of China from European and Japanese conquest, that put Japan on the road to the Pearl Harbor attack.  Over time, the great idea of spreading American industrial ideas to potential new allies in our struggle against the British Empire, was intentionally twisted into promotion of the anti-American, anti-Hamiltonian free trade and globalization ideas which have dominated recent decades—offshoring and outsourcing.  The idea of technology transfer was twisted into complete transfer of plants and industries and complete closure of our own domestic plants.

Of course everyone would like to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.  Some degree of regulation was in order, but the tiny concession of the necessity of some regulation was twisted into the extreme mandate that the only tolerable condition is the complete eradication of man, and restoration of the Earth to the pre-human condition.  The most extreme measure in this direction was the Obama Environmental Protection Agency’s bare-faced-lie designation of plant food, CO2, as a pollutant, a first step to the complete closure of the fossil fuel industry.

While such vital industries were under attack via arbitrary Imperial regulations, the British Imperial financial games inside the United States were deregulated, beginning with the decoupling of the dollar from gold in 1971 and extending up through the deregulation of banking.  These financial deregulation measures put Imperial finance, centered in the City of London and Wall Street, in a commanding position over all aspects of our economy and much of politics.  Regulate the physical economy out of existence but deregulate and free up the Empire to loot, loot, loot!

We just celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday with a national holiday.  He successfully led the struggle to overcome contradictions in interpretations of the Declaration of Independence and Federal Constitution.  He insisted that the words of those documents had to be lovingly taken seriously and universally.  He insisted that the individual be judged by his character—not the color of his skin.  To the veterans of World War II, such as Lyndon LaRouche, the civil rights movement was a just effort to better align legal and social practice with the principles for which the veterans had just fought overseas.  Indeed, extra help was warranted to overcome long-term effects of various forms of suppression.  But Dr. King would be saddened today to see that his name is now used in vain to promote directly opposite ideas.  According to the Biden collective, government is to ignore such qualities as character and action, in favor of basing every decision affecting individuals upon their “race.”  The British Lilliputians demand that the history of the oldest republic in the world, which led the effort to overcome racism and colonialism in the world, is to be re-written according to British-communist views (sometimes known as Critical Race Theory), preparatory to the final destruction of the republic itself.

The war-monger in sheep’s clothing, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, visited Chicago in 1999 to proclaim that the United States had a “responsibility to protect” (R2P) democracy worldwide.  He then went on to “help” the world by fomenting numerous wars with millions of casualties, and great destructive effects upon America itself.  Only the Imperial power of the British Empire’s “Rules Based Order” was “protected.”  All the rest of us—whether foreigners or Americans—ended up as victims in one respect or another.

A vast bureaucracy of intelligence agencies was created to protect us from foreign “enemies and terrorists.”  Now our puppet “President” declares that anyone who objects to the undue British control of events in Washington is a “domestic terrorist.”

Some people, such as George Soros, advocated the view that people were suffering undue imprisonment for simply possessing small amounts of marijuana.  Within a matter of months, the real intentions of those behind marijuana decriminalization schemes became visible, as decriminalization morphed into campaigns to completely shut down (or defund) police forces.

Then there is the concept of investment.  LaRouche used to say that “money is an idiot!”  The value of money is determined by the use to which it is put.  For example, if in implementing LaRouche’s Four Laws we create credit to build the continental water system known as the North American Water and Power Alliance project, which will facilitate economic expansion throughout the American West, that is an investment.  If, on the other hand, we use credit or money to buy a piece of paper issued by a speculative entity, that is not an investment but a speculation.  As a corollary to this idea, banks used to facilitate actual investment into the productive powers of society are exemplary American System institutions; however, banks which finance speculations such as purchases of financial derivatives are an Imperial cancer upon both the economy and society in general.

Of course, especially as electrification and industrialization simplified home life and created a demand for many new types of labor which were not reliant upon strong arms and hands, it was recognized as a good idea to promote education of girls and women, offer employment opportunities, and extend the voting franchise.  Yet these simple ideas were twisted into the “behaviorist” situation we see today.  From an early age, energetic boys are drugged by schools and berated by teachers for not “behaving” like girls.  Older boys and young men are regularly attacked for demonstrating “toxic masculinity.”  Great men of the past are excoriated for having taken independent initiatives and not behaving according to the group-think concepts promoted by today’s “in-crowd” of reigning terminal-degreed experts, whose degrees in one or another form of Aristotelian “-ology,” have left them without a clue as to the working of even a simple machine like a clothes dryer—not to mention a modern economy.  At the same time, academia, the media, the intelligence services, silicon valley, Wall Street, and Congress act to build massive litigious bureaucracies characterized by contradictory (if not downright un-American) goals and rules, group-think, massive data collection, gossip, and huge percentages of women who play the role of enforcers.  These bureaucracies act as a huge brake upon entrepreneurship and initiative in the economy.  President Trump had acted to shorten the project construction approval process, but again today, we see the return of systematic sabotage of our productive economy as we saw in the case of the American nuclear power industry, which was nearly completely destroyed by decades of bureaucratic suppression and litigation.  Added to the sabotage of productive activity, the expanded pool of labor puts a downward pressure upon wages generally—thus undermining the concept that a single job should be able to pay for the costs associated with family formation and growth.  At the same time, a primary responsibility of women—the creation of a new and better generation of children—is relegated to lower importance than career advancement.  Caveat:  Of course men are also involved in the complex situations discussed in this paragraph, but there is no denying that what I report is not far from the truth, if not an exact accounting.

Freeing Ourselves from the Bindings

Lyndon LaRouche insisted that the source of wealth lies in the development of the individual sovereign mind.  How do we create the conditions in which a person who makes a discovery or comes up with a potentially beneficial idea whose realization is not completely impossible, can confidently pursue his dreams without fear of being crushed at square one by the Imperial labyrinth of thought police, trolls, and bankers?  How do we return to the optimistic American agro-industrial perspective of faster, cheaper, better, more—as opposed to the pessimistic Imperial perspective of slower, more costly, worse, and less?

First, we must realize that we have been in a cultural war.  Our natural openness to new people and new ideas has been abused with massive-scale introductions of very old Imperial (even pre-British Imperial) ideas dressed up with descriptions which tend to use verbiage with positive associations.  Words like “freedom,” “free,” and “help,” are heavily abused to cover the most satanic operations.

Second, we must culturally strengthen the ability of the individual to stand up to abuses like group-think, by emphasizing curricula which stress independent discovery and rediscovery of principle in science, music and art, as well as the process of progress demonstrated in the historical development of civilization.

Third, we must stretch our minds to imagine the world in fifty or a hundred years—How will the world of our posterity look?  We cannot afford to make judgments based upon short-term sense impressions or appearances.  In particular, LaRouche stressed that we must ask whether an action or inaction will increase or decrease the potential relative population-density of society.  Any action or policy which serves to decrease the power of society over nature, must be rejected.

So, as you join us by running for office or by working to create an actual societal dialogue, remember to tell everyone to look behind the surface.  Ask: Who is behind the “nice words,” or the simple slogans you hear?  What are the intentions behind the people and words?  Tell everyone to demand implementation of LaRouche’s Four Laws and the LaRouche PAC Resolution to Re-Americanize the Economy.