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Over the past week, a war took place in Washington.  On one side, the intelligence community, the Pentagon, and their lobbyists threatened Senators and Representatives with funding cutoffs and electoral death if they did not pass an extension of FISA, the beating heart of our surveillance and censorship regime.  On the other side, the thunder of hundreds of thousands of phone calls by ordinary citizens of all political persuasions demanding courage and massive change filled Congressional office suites.  In the Senate, Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) fell just 6 votes short of massively crippling the surveillance and censorship regime by tabling FISA’s extension on Wednesday night. With the way clear, cowards in the House, including Speaker Mike Johnson, let this abomination pass on Thursday, convinced they would be blamed for whatever terrorist attack a vengeful intelligence community could orchestrate.

Like all such things now, this apparent defeat will only result in a new surge of resistance coming forward from The People. Based on this fight, and the ferment created by this mobilization, Senator Rand Paul has authored a bill which will fully restore the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.  It’s titled S.3372, “The Fourth Amendment Restoration and Protection Act.  No more secret evidence targeting the President of the United States (Donald Trump).  No more secret courts.  No more outsourcing surveillance of American presidential candidates or their campaigns to Britain’s CGHQ, private companies, or 501Cs. No more lawless searches of American citizens who went to Washington on January 6, who question the 2020 election, who did not want to take the jab. Senator Paul’s bill says, if you want to surveil Americans you must be an American and swear out a warrant under oath showing probable cause they have committed an actual crime and take that to a regular U.S. District Judge and a regular U.S. District Court.  No evidence gathered against an American using FISA or EO 12333 can be used in any prosecution or civil case in any way.

Most importantly, Paul’s bill bars secret surveillance of Americans not just under FISA, but also under EO 12333, a classified guideline covering operations which would be illegal but can be authorized in national security situations by the President and Attorney General. As Bill Binney, Edward Snowden, and others revealed, almost all surveillance by the NSA and other components of the intelligence community occurs under EO 12333.  In addition to the Government, this Reagan era executive order allows private actors and corporations to be deputized to do things outside the Constitutional prohibitions against government doing them.  It is the secret of how the entire coup operation has been run against Donald J. Trump.  If a claim is made that you are operating as a Russian or other foreign agent, or are linked to terrorism, EO 12333 allows the full weight of the Secret government, including its British, Australian, and European appendages to target and abuse you in the dark without it ever coming to light.

No Congressman or Senator has dared to mention EO 12333, let alone curbing it, in all the efforts against the Deep State before Rand Paul stepped forward as the result of the present fight over FISA. Neither House bill allegedly reforming FISA mentions EO 12333.

Paul’s bill needs to be a priority when the House and Senate come back into session on January 9th.  Otherwise, Americans will be handing a lethal weapon to those who would destroy Donald Trump and every other dissident of whatever political stripe to the present regime.  In addition, both Marjorie Taylor Greene(R.GA) and Andrew Clyde (R.GA) have amendments to the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5860) which will bar any prosecution of any presidential candidate i.e., Donald Trump, until the November 2024 election is decided. Now, we must thunder, no rest over Christmas, both the Rand Paul bill and the Greene and Clyde amendments are MUST PASS.  Pass them or face 2024 primaries by candidates who will.  Our petition to stop the Trump prosecutions awaits your signature here.