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Nineteen Republicans, fresh from hearing from their constituents and backed by President Donald Trump, sent the intelligence community’s favorite spy toy, Section 702 of FISA, down to defeat in the U.S. House on Wednesday.  The number has panicked official Washington.  The Department of Justice and the intelligence community personally whipped the bill, a panicked abandonment of normal legislative protocol. The Hill listed the Republican heroes here. Most come from the Freedom Caucus.  They are insisting that the Fourth Amendment demands that the intelligence community get a warrant from a regular judge when querying the vast surveillance net which now surrounds each American citizen.   This is not the end of the fight.  The authority for this spy toy expires on April 19th and the effort to continue it will come back, as Tucker Carlson emphasizes, like a bad sexually transmitted disease.

Here is Tucker’s take on what just happened. It is a good thing to spend twelve minutes with him on this subject and to then to reassert your authority over your representative, demanding that a warrant be required for any spying on Americans.

While the intel community’s bought denizens will conspire behind closed doors as to what comes next, a similar fate can be had for Ukraine funding which is next up on the agenda.  That is also fully capable of being won and the international oligarchy is in a rug chewing fit about the prospect. Let’s go for devastating two-fer, creating the basis for a free American future, an end to the senseless killing, and a focus on rebuilding the U.S.A.

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