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A mug shot says a thousand words. So does the fire in Maui, and the total lack of a Federal or military response. The message: we can all die, rot in prison, or burn to ash, for all they care. It's not gonna change their agenda.

Whether it is inflation, wars, drugs, mass migration, cheap labor, massive debt, crime, destruction of culture—these are the intended effects of a global central banking system, i.e. to rape, pillage and plunder. This is the modern form of imperialism, and there is no longer time or energy for any pretense otherwise.

So once again, after five decades of total control of the global finance by this private banking cartel, we face an unavoidable global economic and population collapse, cultural destruction, and world war.

Do you think, just maybe, this has anything to do with their obsession with Donald Trump?

There is only one option for survival, and that is to continue the American Revolution and overthrow these financial overlords, by electing Donald Trump in 2024 and beyond, or perish.

Or, as Benjamin Franklin said, join or die. Other good intentions lead only to hell.