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The Battle for California AD 18—LaRouche PAC Bulletin No. 2

This past week, October 3-9, Mindy Pechenuk’s campaign held rallies in Oakland and Alameda, the heart of A.D. 18. The rallies had two themes. The first was Pechenuk’s opposition to the Climate Change Green Zero Emission policy championed by both the current Assemblymember, Mia Bonta, and 2024 presidential candidate in waiting, Gov. Gavin Newsom. The second featured Pechenuk’s opposition to the current Ukraine War, which is the only real potential mass extinction issue facing humanity. Almost all current politicians in California support that war, echoing the national landscape of strategic stupidity and outright lunacy.

At the outset of this report, Mrs. Pechenuk wanted to tell us and the A.D. 18 voters that she will proudly call herself an Assemblywoman if elected, because she is, proudly, a woman and not a “member.”  She also would like you to visit her website which is here. If you live in A.D. 18, or California generally, sign up on the website or contact the campaign to figure out how you can help. As you can see from what this campaign is fighting for, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Throughout the week of rallies, voters made clear that they support neither the war nor the Green Zero policy. In fact, most voters speaking with Mindy and her volunteers recognized that the Green war on modern energy sources is the main driver of the hyperinflation which is eating away at the means of life itself.

Unlike, some, however, Pechenuk is not content with pointing out the obvious craziness of her opponent’s policies. Instead, she is positing a program of rapid construction of new nuclear power sources and accompanying desalination plants to address the state’s profound drought, water, and energy crisis. She has a passionate devotion to frontier science, such as that encompassed in the NASA’s Project Artemis project to colonize the Moon and Mars. It is only crash programs in basic science and research, such as that found in the space program, which will yield the types of new discoveries which can fully shift the apparent downward spiral of our society.

It has been this way throughout human history. When humanity suffered through the Middle Age darkness of feudalism, it emerged stronger and at a much more developed economic level through the grand discoveries of the Renaissance –grand discoveries in science, in the language of poetry and the visual arts, and in the building of great and beautiful cities. The idea of creating a new Renaissance, must become the driver of all of our education, from Kindergarten through University, with emphases on hard science, engineering, and classical studies. This was the type of education enjoyed by America’s founders and it is the least that is due to our current generation of youth.

A new and completely different approach also must be taken in solving California’s drug, crime, and homelessness crisis. It starts with drafting the homeless and addicted, to the extent they are able, and those incarcerated in the prison system into participating in mission oriented great projects, like rebuilding the state’s decrepit infrastructure, and building new housing in a beautified cityscape. Those who addicts and homeless who can’t immediately participate will be off the streets and into the type of treatment and skills training which will allow them to participate in the future. When people commit crimes, punishment must be swift and certain but coupled with the type of training and rehabilitation which will prevent recidivism.

When voters are presented with these types of solutions, it is as if a light bulb goes on in their minds. They get animated. They want to build something like this. If they are old enough, they remember, as they say, when we used to think “big.” They want to be a part of it. Productivity and purposeful missions are, after all, fundamental to human nature.

Contrast this with what Newsom and the Governors of Washington, Oregon, and the British Columbia Premier just did. These four signed an agreement to accelerate and expand their actions to reduce "greenhouse gases" and deal with the effects of climate change. As Newsom stated at their press conference "This is not about electric power, this is about economic power" and “dominating the next big global industry". While this agreement has no legal power, the legislation coming out of California's State Senate and Assembly does. Newsom has been signing "Climate Bills" one after another.  Each one further undermines the ability of a modern agro-industrial economy to even function, let alone make the leap to the next more productive platform.

In a former time, Governors of these very same states and British Columbia’s premier thought about a grand and great project—the North American Water and Power Alliance. It would have brought water from the Artic and Canada, now wastefully flowing into the Pacific Ocean, down through the West to the Gulf of Mexico, with ancillary nuclear power stations and dams throughout its routes.  The Western United States would then be on a modern infrastructure platform from which to grow its population and industries for decades and not suffering through water rationing, collapsing agriculture, and energy blackouts. It is that type of thinking we need to revive now, and it is what Pechenuk’s campaign is all about.

Mindy is a LaRouche PAC Endorsed Candidate, for California AD 18. Please check out and support her campaign!