Tucker on X, Ep. 19 Debate Night with Donald J Trump

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As of now, 12 noon EST on August 24, 2023, the Donald Trump/Tucker Carlson interview is the most watched interview ever, with over 200 million views. Fox News says that they had 23.9 million viewers for the political consultant cage match otherwise claiming to be the Republican Primary Presidential Debate. Both aired at the same start time last night. As Megyn Kelly put it succinctly, last night was a middle finger to the Murdochs shared by Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and the American people. As for picking up viewers today, Fox has slim hopes as Trump is scheduled to turn himself in to the trailer trash system falsely portrayed as law enforcement in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, the entire Republican debate was an exercise in “pretend” that our nation is not under a fascist totalitarian attack which could destroy its very foundations –-that other “issues” are somehow paramount.

The difference between the two events last night is the difference between profound realities and Washington soap operas. Tucker focused on life and death issues for the potential martyr to satanic evil, Donald Trump. The conversation was relaxed and very social, the two men discussing The Story on most people’s minds:  How does a former president of the United States think about, endure, and turnabout the evil which has been thrown at him? How does he endure it? As usual, Trump got right to the point. Addressing his indictments, Trump said “It is all bullshit.”  Since impeachment and four prosecutions have not worked and have, in fact backfired, isn’t the next step assassinating you? Tucker asked. Trump did not answer him directly, recognizing that the most potent defenses to assassination potentials are established by the question putting a spotlight on it. He talked about Biden for what he is, a “Manchurian candidate,” now senile and occupying the American White House. Do you think if you are convicted and thrown in jail, there will be violence? Tucker continued.  Again, Trump did not answer directly. He simply said that the combination of unparalleled love toward him and the hatred manifested on the other side represented perhaps the most dangerous situation ever for our republic.

For those who wanted a heavier dose of policy from Trump, he simultaneously released his 41st Agenda 47 policy statement addressing what he will do in a second term. This one is about making America energy independent again. Trump’s view throughout his Agenda 47 policy series has been that the road to national salvation consists of creating an economic renaissance, based on rebuilding infrastructure and modern manufacturing, utilizing and creating new modern energy sources, building whole new cities, exploring space –all driven by a national economic mission to restore the ability of one wage earner to support a family while living a happy productive life and providing for the progress of future generations. Succeeding in this mission requires a culture dedicated to fostering God given creativity in every human being and destroying every aspect of the satanic system of oligarchy which has invaded our nation and seeks to destroy it. Our enemies are devoted to erasing every revolutionary aspect of our former history while disgracing us in genocidal endless foreign wars and killing us with dope, manufactured viruses, rationed medical care, and general cultural pessimism.

Murdoch’s Fox debate was a circus. The candidates appearing there, with the probable exception of Vivek Ramaswamy, are duplicitous, weak, Tory cowards. All of them are willing to sacrifice Donald Trump and our entire constitutional system of justice to the satanists. Otherwise, they would have all abandoned the race by now and lined up behind Trump in a political show of force aimed at saving our nation and defeating the fascists who have attacked us.

Polling dictated what questions the moderators asked the putative candidates, starting with the popularity of the song Rich Men North of Richmond. That song, detailing the disconnect the American elites have from the American population has soared to the top of all music charts. The Fox hosts were frantic to appeal to what they profile as the Trump base. They have zero understanding of the American middle and working classes of all races, sexes, and creeds who have flocked to Donald Trump. Polling, apart from Vivek Ramaswamy, dictated every answer by the empty GOP suits on stage. The audience was the product of GOP focus groups, handpicked to tolerate the soap opera before them. No questions were asked about truly existential constitutional issues, like election fraud and integrity and stopping the illegal prosecutions of Trump and his supporters. By addressing reality, Trump, and to a lesser extent Ramaswamy, were the night’s clear winners.

The angry, autistic, and Bush family manufactured little policy wonk Ron DeSantis let it all hang out before the debate, echoing Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment by calling Trump supporters “listless vessels.” The propaganda “legend” of Trump as authoritarian cult leader is the most recent round of vomit hurled at Trump supporters by the regime’s propaganda machine. The Trump campaign immediately released an ad featuring Americans of every stripe attacking DeSantis and his consultant scripted depiction. It is useful to remind everyone at this point that DeSantis is, and always has been a Bushie, backed from behind by JEB! and John Bolton. Like Biden, he is a walking hologram or AI Bot, where comments and speech are poured into an empty brain by his controllers, to be poured out in somewhat identical content and format.

As we have often noted, the regime’s characterizations of Trump and his supporters are projections of their own evil deeds and circumstances. DeSantis’ robotic debate performance showed it. In his interview with Tucker, Trump said that Chris Christie was also a Bushie who he never trusted. Christie has been rewarded with millions in donor cash for the job of attacking Donald Trump 24/7. At the debate, Christie, the sumo man with darting eyes, got so lathered up that he was booed into silence by even this RNC culled debate audience.

Vivek Ramaswamy was the only presence who did not seem to come from a time warp playing in the year 2006. Vivek’s attack on funding for the genocidal Ukraine war and debunking of the climate change myth provoked angry hysteria from the Neo Con GOP candidates, particularly Christie, Pence, and Nikki Haley. True to type, the controlled national news media declared Haley to be the debate’s winner. Social media commentary on Haley’s strident defense of the Ukrainian genocide, however, noted only that she was striving to take the place of Sen. Lindsey Graham, the only other menopausal NeoCon Republican prominent on the national stage.