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Contrary to his putative rivals, President Donald Trump was quick to denounce Biden’s decision to escalate the Ukraine war by sending U.S. tanks to Ukraine, and, in so doing, clearing the way for Germany and other European countries to do the same. “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

On the other hand, pro-war Bushies[1] of both parties wasted no time demanding Biden do even more. Trump’s one-time Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who is on a book tour as a prelude to challenging Trump for President, gleefully proclaimed that it is in “the interest of the American people to give the Ukrainians everything they want”. What do the Ukrainians want? According to Ukrainian President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials, the Ukrainians now want more tanks, fighter jets, long-range missiles and endless rounds of ammunition. As Trump warned, will nukes be next?

As Trump said nearly a year ago, at the beginning of the war, this war would have never happened under his watch. Since then, President Trump has been the only leader of either party to insist that more weapons will only increase the fighting and killing. The only way to force a negotiated settlement is to stop acceding to British-Ukrainian demands. Once the flow of weapons stops, peace negotiations will commence. Trump has also pointed out that the prospects for peace get worse the longer his advice is not heeded.

The only way to stop this war is to stop the U.S. from supplying weapons it doesn’t have, to keep the killing going. Anyone who really wants this war to end should stop calling for international conferences and realize that only a change in the U.S. can force a peace. So if you’re for peace, get behind Trump and the MAGA movement and force that through now!  


[1] A Bushie is a politician of either the Democratic or Republican Party who advocates endless foreign wars, an American Empire and other oligarchical schemes on behalf of the modern British financial empire, free trade and outsourcing of the American economy, permanent psychological warfare and censorship regimes, and generalized scientific and cultural decadence.