Drone video showed massive protests in Yemen on Jan. 12 2024 after a U.S.-led military coalition struck Houthi militants. Washington Post on Youtube Framegrab.

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The United States Navy with the prodding and emotional support of the British and their allies threw millions of dollars of armaments at tiny Yemen on Friday, purportedly to keep shipping lanes from the Red Sea open for European bound commerce. Joe Biden’s advisors ordered this up without the slightest thought of seeking war power authorizations from the Congress as required by the Constitution. Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni citizens gathered in the streets on Friday to proclaim their anger and support for revenge against the United States. That’s the Biden security strategy, producing diehard enemies of the United States and newly born terrorists at every turn, a strategy which ensures our ultimate destruction, which has been the British plan ever since the Revolutionary War ended.

The Yemen attack involved shooting advanced bombs and missiles at Houhi rebel military targets throughout Yemen, to allegedly stymy attacks on ships in the Red Sea being conducted with much cheaper drones and missiles allegedly supplied by Iran. The attacks were futile since U.S. Secretary of State Blinken had briefed numerous regional players on the plan beforehand, giving the Houthis plenty of time to take cover.  Using an arsenal of U.S. and advanced weaponry, and with Anglo-American intelligence backing, the Saudis engaged for 9 years in a war with the same Shiite Houthis in Yemen and lost. It was yet another U.S./British proxy war which failed while devastating the targeted country. Not wanting more of the same, the Saudis refused to involve themselves in Biden’s latest war front.

Donald Trump appropriately blasted this latest desperate U.S. military venture, conducted with the help of a Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, who himself had gone AWOL for days last week. Austin remains hospitalized at Walter Reed where he is being treated for prostate cancer. Here’s Trump’s post:

“So, let me get this straight. We’re dropping bombs all over the Middle East, AGAIN (where I defeated ISIS!), and our Secretary of Defense, who just went missing for five days, is running the war from his laptop in a hospital room. Remember, this is the same gang that “surrendered” in Afghanistan, where no one was held accountable or FIRED. It was the most embarrassing “moment” in the history of the United States. Now we have wars in Ukraine, Israel, and Yemen, but no “war” on our Southern Border. Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Crooked Joe Biden is the worst President in the history of the United States!”

Trump is running for President on the primary truthful claim that he, and no one else, will prevent World War III, to which we are otherwise inexorably marching. Both Nikki Haley and lady Lindsey Graham, representing the brainwashed and corrupted war racket faction of the Republican Party were ecstatic. Their response seemed to be “Hallelujah! We’ve finally opened the door fully to war with Iran!”  At a minimum, this escalatory step, if expanded to the Gulf of Hormuz, will block the world’s oil routes and supplies, aiding Biden’s attack on fossil fuels and providing an excuse for his failing U.S. economy.

It is the British who have advocated reopening history’s chapters on genocidal religious wars in order to physically reduce populations while achieving their geopolitical objectives. The Houthis have been targeting ships bound for Israel in support of the Palestinians. The Israelis, adopting the type of ethnic cleansing and starvation sanctions tactics formerly employed by the Anglo-Americans in the Balkans, Iraq, and elsewhere have made Gaza a rubble field where more than 40% of the dead are women and children. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted that South Africa’s complaint to the International Court of Justice was most devastating when describing the very real ruin and hell for civilians this war of revenge has brought.

In context, the British have always sought war in Southwest Asia and Russia to block Eurasian economic development – in a classic contest between land and sea based economic powers. It is significant, in that context, to report the Economist’s response to Yemen’s actions on the Red Sea. The Economist, is, of course, the flagship publication of the British oligarchy. Their piece argues that hostile actors like Russia, China, and Yemen pose a threat to the entire world’s economy by challenging sea-based transportation routes, requiring a massive buildup of counter armaments.