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Over the past week it has become clear that the fascists, an increasingly desperate, isolated, but still powerful minority within the United States, have launched their final  Götterdämmerung campaign against Donald Trump and his burgeoning MAGA movement. Like everything else they have tried, it will only further solidify support for Trump if Trump supporters remain focused on the objective of taking the 2024 election across party lines and with overwhelming numbers, based on reviving and rebuilding American manufacturing, industry, and science, the beating heart of Trump’s Agenda 47 plan for 2025. Organize, organize, organize your friends, neighbors, and everyone you encounter.

The CIA’s favorite rag, the Washington Post, featured Robert Kagan, to inaugurate this campaign on November 30th. Kagan is the “dean” of the fascist collective known as the Neo-Conservatives, although he insists that he is just a traditional British liberal, a breed which is equally fascist in disposition. Kagan called, pretty explicitly, for Donald Trump’s assassination. True, he skirted present criminal statutes, and never said the words directly, but the intent could not have been clearer as he fulminated, on and on, about how U.S. institutions of government and law are impotent against Trump, and as a predictable result, the U.S. would descend into a Hitlerian dictatorship should Trump be reelected.

Kagan repeatedly compared Trump to Julius Caesar (with direct language from Shakespeare’s play) and Hitler, compared the populace to the war weary and psychologically drained Germans of Weimar who could have offed Hitler but did not. He finally pled: “Will those who balked at resisting Trump when the risk was merely political oblivion suddenly discover their courage when the cost might be the ruin of oneself and one’s family?” The entire post was covered in blood-stained graphics of Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, King Kong, and Donald Trump.

This, of course, is just the most recent direct threat from the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy and their retainers. In December of 2019, the British House of Lords announced in “British Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order” that a second Trump term could not be tolerated. That’s a key and code instruction to eliminate him by any means necessary.

Trump, focused and defiant, answered with a speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on December 2nd, and with a constant offensive in the days following. Taking a page from FDR, he realizes that fear itself, generated by the black shirt legions of the Biden Administration’s intelligence agencies, their British allies, and the numerous billionaire funded NGOs and tax-exempt entities allied with them is the main opponent of Trump and MAGA. He outlined the multiple lines of attack against him now underway and assured his supporters that “we’ve got this.” Patriots stepping forward and organizing to save the nation will stun and paralyze an enemy dependent on instilling cowardice, pettiness, and impotent reaction. He outlined how the actual fascists in the U.S. political class were projecting, and how their campaign against him and his supporters was, in fact, systematically destroying the legal and civic fabric of the Republic.

Most commentators of relevance to the Republic’s survival explicitly called out the Kagan piece for what it was. Even Laura Ingraham called it an undisguised green light for a hit on her Fox Broadcast. With Trump not bending and in full counterattack, the New York Times went fairly nuts, realizing that if Trump wins, the numerous crimes they, their donors, and Deep State sponsors have committed from 2015 forward are going to be prosecuted. The chickens will come home to roost, but in a boomerang which they had not anticipated. All that the Times could conjure up in response to Trump’s offense was the claim that it was Trump who was “projecting.”

By Tuesday, Trump capped his offensive with a joke, knowing that it would drive the fascists wild. Asked by Sean Hannity if he would be a dictator in his second term, Trump quipped, “Only on Day One” when he would close the border and implement his pledge to “drill baby drill” to make the nation energy independent once again.

Kagan’s screed was followed by a full salvo of similar garbage and desperate threats in this month’s Atlantic magazine under the title, “If Trump Wins.” Abortion will be banned, the citizenry will be drowned in “disinformation,” “stochastic” terrorism will be unleashed as a new night of the Long Knives against Trump’s political opponents, not from terrorist groups but from the Trump government itself, the Atlantic rails. A fake history making America the “city on the hill” for most of its existence will be imposed, whitewashing the evil racism and stinking patriarchy, which is America’s essence, according to the Atlantic. Editor Jeff Goldberg, Barack Obama’s favorite foreign policy whisperer put together this salvo. After competing with Judith Miller of the New York Times as the key propagandist and fabulist for the Iraq war, Goldberg has participated in every info war op against Trump.

Not to be outdone, a Trump-deranged James Carville, donning a U.S. Marine Corps sweatshirt, raved about Republican Christian nationalists taking over the United States, declaring them a worse threat than Al-Qaeda.

For those who don’t know him, Robert Kagan is a co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, deemed by most to be the intellectual author of the disastrous Iraq War and America’s continuing forever wars. Bill Kristol joined him in that satanic venture. Kagan’s persistent theme, using “democracy” as the cover to wage war on behalf of world empire against “autocrats” and “nationalists” is the banner of Joe Biden’s fascist foreign policy. His books extoll the British financial empire and the Roman Empire as grand models of statesmanship, the twin pillars upon which both Mussolini and Hitler hung their shingles.

Kagan has recently partnered with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in constructing Biden’s foreign adventurism. He is also the husband of Victoria Nuland, the grand dame of the Ukraine coup and subsequent murderous wars. On Steve Bannon’s War Room on Wednesday morning, Darren Beattie joked darkly about what evenings must be like in this “D.C. power couples’ ” marriage. Calling the satanic Nuland, a dominatrix, Beattie imagined it would be something like, “Okay, dear, tonight you’ll be Serbia and I’ll be NATO . . .”