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On the eve of the 2000 election, Lyndon LaRouche wrote a paper called “Politics of Art”, which today provides the insights that citizens need to avert the tragedy of U.S. and world politics unfolding before us. The paper begins: “Tomorrow, U.S. election-day, November 7, 2000, we shall witness an awful real-life tragedy on the world stage, the threat, if not yet the actuality of a new dark age. That threat is today's outgrowth of a long-standing, widespread violation of those Classical principles of statecraft which every citizen should have been given the right to know, something that citizen should have known by no later than the time he or she had completed a secondary education.

“My life's professional work, during more than fifty years to date, has been focused on precisely that subject-matter so urgently needed under today's conditions of global crisis: the interdependency of the history of politics and economics with those Classical methods which underlie competence in both art and science.”

Tonight, join Bruce Director and Tony Papert in part 3 of the series on Fredrich Schiller’s History of the Thirty Years War, which will discuss how Schiller, in his dramatic Wallenstein plays, demonstrates the principle that LaRouche employed to steer the world from hell to purgatory.