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The Roe v Wade decision, premised on Roman Imperial law and decided in 1973, was only one part of an Oligarchal coup, one run from London targeting the United States' republican culture. In the wake of a number of major assassinations, the Oligarch party of London, similar to that of ancient Babylon, combined the Vietnam War, the drug culture of elite colleges, and a massive financial deregulation program with a program of deindustrialization, all during the 1960s and early 1970s which opened the gates for the globalist barbarians to rip apart our nation over the last 50 years.

President Trump has reignited the American reflex against oligarchy. Lyndon LaRouche, leading economist of the 20th century, reestablished the metric of real economic success as the potential for sustained population growth, a function premised on infrastructure, industry, technology and culture.

In this reviving culture of life, we can renew the great promise of America, which is to end the death cult of oligarchy and grow mankind to reach the stars.