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Donald Trump held another 20,000 person rally in Georgia and the Establishment is not pleased. In fact, they are panicked and very, very fearful. Robert Kagan, the dean of the neo-cons penned a full three-page attack in the Washington Post, claiming that it was Trump, not the neo-fascist corporate elites, who had staged a coup, and warned that Trump's movement will continue it.

And, in a very deserved hit piece on another neo-con, Yahoo reports that Mike Pompeo went rogue as CIA director, and subsequently, demanded the assassination and/or kidnapping of Julian Assange. Asked to respond, President Trump said that he never thought about assassinating Assange and, in fact, he thought Assange had been treated very poorly. This open war between Trump and the neo-cons makes the swamp very afraid, and it's denizens will lash out.

The way to victory lies in creating the conditions for an economic boom come 2024, while resisting the globalists' every move today. Use, our new resolution, "Re-Americanize the U.S. Economy," to create the depth and breadth of support for that renaissance.