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The UK and US leadership are in a wheelchair race to the bottom, and they hope you won't notice if they keep yelling about nuclear war. The tension is high given the stakes, but everyone knows that the current bobble heads, Biden and Truss, are like used tires, i.e. they won't get very far and you don't know when they're going to pop. So what's really going on?

These past two weeks, London has been screaming about a total collapse of their massive 1 trillion pound pension system, merely because interest rates are rising back to normal rates. Thus the Bank of England intervened, but for how long?

Since this raise in rates has been postponed for over 12 years, it looks like the entire financial system is caught in a catch-22, and as the saying goes, they have to keep flying.

But most importantly, we are building a remarkable and real political solution to this global crisis. The Ultra Maga movement, which is the most diverse* and profound political movement in American history, is on the march, with Trump holding two rallies this weekend. 

*Read: Michigan Republican Candidates Push Into Blue Areas

The population is beginning to realize that the only thing we really have to abort is this Biden-British regime.

You might say: Abort Biden. Corn Pop was right.