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You know about FISA, and other elements of the judicial warfare being waged against Donald Trump, the MAGA movement and our constitution. What do you know about Executive Order 12333?

We know a lot, since we were targeted by it over four decades ago.

Now, Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill, S.3372, which pulls EO 12333 out of the shadows. It will ban evidence gathered against an American using FISA or EO 12333 from being used in any prosecution or civil case in any way.

This bill is part of a dramatic counteroffensive, which includes the Supreme Court decision to take up J6, ethics charges against one of the top anti-Trump judges in DC, new revelations about Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, and more.

Join Barbara Boyd, who has been in direct combat with this apparatus since the 1970s, and Michael Steger as they discuss our escalation into the new year!