Joe Biden accused of falling asleep during Cop26 climate summit speeches. November 1, 2021. Screengrab / The Independent

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Establishment media outlets are now rife with reports that the COP-26 conference has failed, that nations are refusing to do what is necessary to “save the planet.”  It would seem that these media underlings have now all joined Greta Thunberg’s lunatic chorus.

Partially, and in important ways, these cackling’s from the British establishment are accurate. We will enumerate some examples of sovereign resistance to the “climate change agenda” in the paragraphs immediately below. At the same time, however, it is critical to recognize that the widespread wailings about the “failure of COP-26” are also deliberate propaganda, intended to justify new intensified measures to force nations into submission. The House of Windsor and its allies are determined to escalate their drive to eliminate national sovereignty and to kill hundreds of millions. They shout, “nations are resisting,” and then they demand “We must force them to comply.”  Evil never sleeps.

COP-26 is not some far-off event in distant Scotland that America citizens are safe to ignore. The decisions being made there are aimed at you and your family. Already we are witnessing electricity blackouts all over the world: in China, in Lebanon, in various member states of the European Union, as well as in the United States, particularly in Texas and California. But what we have experienced so far is just the harbinger of what is to come. There are now predictions, coming from many U.S. and international agencies, of expected widespread blackouts and energy disruptions this winter, accompanied by a huge increase in prices on everything from electrical rates to the cost of home heating oil and gasoline. Many poorer nations will face mass death as this scenario unfolds.

What Americans must begin to realize is that the COP-26 “climate” agenda is a deadly threat to our nation, as well as to nations all over the world. The Biden administration is attempting to enslave the United States to this agenda, seeking to claim a leadership mantle for leading the world’s human beings, like so many lemmings, over a cliff. True to the reality that catastrophic climate change is a myth, designed to eliminate whole populations and establish a world government for the oligarchy, Biden arrived at the summit in a 21-car caravan of alleged gas spewers and promptly publicly fell asleep as those he reports to took control. It is up to us to reverse this.

The United States is the key battleground. As Lyndon LaRouche always insisted, this imperial threat cannot be defeated except by an alliance of forces led by America. Any proposal that some chimerical coalition of nations, sans the United States, can defeat the British Empire is a delusion, and those pushing it are de-facto agents of the British Empire. It is not only the economic power of America, but the principles announced in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution which provide the basis for defeating the oligarchy’s goal of imposing green genocide on humanity.

The Resistance at Glasgow

Neither Xi Jinping of China nor Vladimir Putin of Russia attended COP-26. Other no-shows included Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Putin sent an almost insultingly short, recorded video presentation, 223 words long, speaking almost entirely about Russia’s plans for planting more trees. He made no commitments at all as to reducing carbon emissions or coal usage and no specific pledges. 

President Xi not only didn’t attend, but he also didn’t even present a video message. Only a short-written message from Xi was read. Although Xi still publicly professes his commitment to the Paris Climate Accords, his written message made no specific promises as to carbon reduction, coal usage or anything else. China, having suffered repeat power outages, has announced that it will build a large number of new coal-fired power plants. 

China, along with Russia and India, all refused to sign the “Global Methane Pledge,” a commitment to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent. A forced reduction of methane production will devastate oil and gas production as well as livestock and rice production, causing a genocidal impact world-wide.

Much hyper-ventilated hoopla accompanied the announcement by President Modi that India would agree to a net-zero emissions target by 2070. Modi also pledged to reduce India’s green-house emissions by one billion tons by 2030, but the problem is that there exists no viable way for India to meet that goal. India is one of the most coal dependent nations in the world. Its total emissions of greenhouse gases were 3.3 billion tons in 2018. No one has suggested what energy source can replace coal and not only sustain but develop India’s population. 

Although there are more than 150 nations in attendance, the agreements being signed, are only being signed by 20 or 30 nations. Unanimity is nowhere to be found. One example of this is the pledge to end financing for overseas fossil fuel projects. Only twenty nations signed it, with both China and Japan strongly objecting. The victims of this, of course, will be the entire underdeveloped sector as the twenty signatories can continue developing their own fossil fuel resources at home, including oil and gas fields. 

Perhaps the most egregious kick-in-the-teeth to Prince Charles was delivered by Australia. Even as COP-26 is occurring, the Australian government announced that it has drawn up plans to build 116 new fossil fuel projects, which if built, would result in a nearly 30 percent increase in emissions within Australia.

Nations everywhere are evading, fudging, and ignoring the commitments made at Paris in 2015. The unenforceable “pledges” being made at Glasgow, by India and others, are about as real as Willy Wonka’s promises to redeem the Golden Tickets hidden in his Wonka Bars. Everyone worships at the altar of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade, and then they leave the church to continue sinning for the simple reason that such sinning represents their nation’s ability to survive. 

And, as all of this is occurring, new figures have been issued that as the Covid epidemic eases, global CO2 emissions are now shooting to record levels, even higher than 2014. A hysterical UN Report states that “The data shows world leaders have failed to build back greener.”  They rant that China’s emissions will rise 4 percent in 2021, while India will see an increase of 12.6 percent (!) in 2021. The UN “scientists” predict that 2022 could set a record for global emissions.

Lyndon LaRouche Defines the Actual Battle

The first thing that needs to be understood about COP-26 and the drive for a carbon-free economy is that none of this has anything to do with “climate change” or “global warming.  What we are witnessing is an oligarchical drive to impose Empire and an imperial financial system on the entire world, and it is now long past time for timid patriots to finally admit that everything Lyndon LaRouche spoke about, regarding the modern-day British Financial Empire, has been 100 percent accurate.

In a 2005 article, titled “Globalization, The New Imperialism,” Lyndon LaRouche defined this oligarchical intention thus:

The long-ranging drive of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier-oligarchical establishment, over the post-Franklin Roosevelt period of world history, has been to destroy the institution of the sovereign nation-state republic throughout the planet, an intention which has been turned loose, full force, with the collapse of the Soviet system. The name given to this global destruction of sovereignty of nations, including that of the U.S.A. itself, is “globalization” ... 

The stated intent of the British imperial system, the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, as by Lord Shelburne, et al., since the beginning of that faction’s rule in the Netherlands and Britain, has been to establish a permanent world empire as successor to the Roman Empire, an empire modeled upon the ultramontane system under which medieval Europe was dominated by the partnership of the Venetian financier oligarchy with the Norman chivalry of Crusades’ notoriety... 

The end of history would be the establishment of that permanent world-empire, called “globalization” today. The “end of history,” because it was determined that there would be nothing to come after the establishment of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system’s version of a new, truly world-wide, and eternal Roman Empire, as Shelburne’s Gibbon had intended.

LaRouche also repeatedly named India, Russia, China, and the United States as the indispensable potential partners in putting an end to this “globalist” paradigm and negotiating a new Bretton Woods agreement, grounded in sovereign economic policy and capital intensive scientific and technological advancement. It is no accident that the organizers of COP-26 repeatedly name these same four nations as the primary obstacles to their utopian scheme for a “carbon free” global regime of human misery and death.

The COP-26 agenda, like the earlier 2015 Paris Climate Accords, as well as the “Great Reset” version of fascism promoted by the World Economic Forum, all have as their primary goal, the surrender by nations of sovereignty over their own economic affairs, the prohibition of advanced economic development (e.g., nuclear power, industry and modern agriculture), population reduction, and the growing dictatorial hegemony of an imperial financial and corporate power.  This is the permanent world empire, a 21st century version of the British Empire, of which LaRouche speaks.

Green Finance in Trouble?

Oligarchical spokesmen in the financial community, led by former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney and current Chairman and CEO of BlackRock Inc., Larry Fink, have spearheaded the drive by the financial oligarchy to use the private banking sector to stop all global economic development. In 2020, Carney launched the Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, and this year he founded the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), with the intention to recruit all the Central Banks and most of the large private banks and financial institutions into enforcing a cut-off of loans and credit into any company or project that “increases emissions.”

At Glasgow, there was a lot of tough talk and self-congratulations coming from Carney and his friends, and on November 2nd Carney and Michael Bloomberg co-authored an article, published on the Bloomberg website, titled “To Fight Climate Change, Put Markets to Work.”  In the article they state that “financing the global transition to clean energy” is the key battle to be won. They say they have lined up “450 major financial institutions across 45 countries, controlling assets of more than $130 trillion, who have joined the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.”  They also state that the net-zero framework adopted by The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) “has been endorsed by more than 2,700 businesses, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and governments in 90 countries.”  

But, despite the massive woke pressure on banks and businesses to conform, they too are still balking and stalling. 

A report from Europe now states that the Bank of England itself, as well as the Banque de France and the European Central Bank, while conducting “climate stress tests” and issuing advice and guidelines on green investment, have so far refused to impose any restrictions or deterrents on banks who are funding carbon or methane emitting firms. As to 450 institutions with assets of $130 trillion who have joined the GFANZ, pro-green critics have pointed out that they are subject to no enforcement of any kind and are still free to pour cash into fossil fuels and related projects, which they have continued to do.

The Battle to Come

Nothing in the above sections should lead one to think that the COP-26 has failed, nor that the diktats of the Paris Climate Accords have been overthrown. What events of the last week demonstrate is that there is growing resistance to the climate agenda. Nations are having trouble keeping the lights on.  People are going hungry and suffering, and many governments recognize the catastrophe that looms in the weeks and months ahead if Prince Charles’ utopian schemes were to become reality.

But let us be clear. Resistance is not good enough. Slowing the enemy’s advance is not synonymous with defeating the enemy. The cancer of “climate change” insanity must be cut out, and the diseased tumor destroyed. Nations must openly break with the imperial agenda of the House of Windsor and its allies within the European oligarchy.

Have no doubt; the imperial party, the proponents of a permanent world empire, are not about to throw in the towel and free the human race to a happy and productive future, simply because some governments are resisting. They will fight ruthlessly to the end. They will use every weapon in their arsenal to put the screws on governments, banks, and businesses to submit.

It is also clear that Mark Carney and his ilk will escalate efforts to rein in financial institutions, to enforce a top-down oligarchical global financial system. Indicative of this intention is the speech given by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on November 3rd, wherein she enunciated a whole slew of Biden Administration initiatives to corral financial markets into a plethora of green boondoggles.

In 2017 President Donald Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. Two years later, on Sept 24, 2019, Trump delivered an historic speech at the United Nations, passionately defending the principle of National Sovereignty. Trump’s enunciated vision was recognized as a mortal danger by the British throne, and it defines precisely the optimistic future which all sovereign nations must act on.

America is the battlefield where this war must be won. The Biden/Harris clique is hanging on only by a thread. Now is the time to defeat it, not to compromise with it. To succeed in this it is critical to understand the nature of the battle and who the enemy is.