Matt Gaetz: America Doesn’t Need a National Divorce. But maybe we wouldn't even be talking about it if our leaders weren't cheating on us with Ukraine.

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Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today
Me and little J-O-E will be goin' away
I love you both and this will be pure H-E double L for me
Oh, I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E

      — Tammy Wynette

At this point, almost all sentient Americans are aware of the enormous brouhaha over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks proposing a “National Divorce” and calling for a severe reduction in the size and power of the national government, accompanied by a return of authority to the states.  LaRouche PAC, of course, does not agree with these proposals, but at the same time we are not about to jump on the “dump on MTG” bandwagon.  There are other, more salient, remarks to be made.

The first lesson to be learned from all of this is that battle fatigue often leads to errors in judgement.  Marjorie Taylor Greene, like Matt Gaetz and a handful of others in Congress who have maintained unflinching loyalty to Donald Trump, have been the targets of non-stop vilification in the oligarchical legacy news media for years now.  The personal pressures on them have been enormous.  Among other things, Congresswoman Greene has been among the bravest critics of the Ukraine war in Washington DC, and this has earned her the undying hatred of the deep state and the media.

This deluge of attacks on Congresswoman Greene has been relentless.  It is everywhere.  Yet, during this same time period, there has been almost no accurate coverage—and NO critical coverage—of Joe Biden’s actions to promote World War III during his visits to Kiev and Warsaw.  Biden keeps escalating and escalating the war, leaving Russia no way out, and the media is silent.  Yet, it is stated—nay, demanded— that we be horrified by what a member of the House of Representatives says.  That is all you need to know to figure out what is going on.

Don’t Think. Obey.

For those readers who venture to look beyond the headlines, the most remarkable thing about the “National Divorce” controversy, is not what Marjorie Taylor Greene said, but the response from the news media to what she said.  This morning this author typed in a Google search for the phrase “Marjorie Taylor Greene on National Divorce.”  The top 10 items that were returned by that search were articles from the Huffington Post, Washington Post, MSNBC, the Daily Beast, CNN, The Hill, Esquire, New York Magazine, Yahoo, and National Review [Ugh! What a collection].  All of these articles were written from the same template, many with the same phrasing.  All attacked her with the same exact words, with comments by Mitt Romney and other creatures from the Bush Family stable.

We now live in a nation where the vision of George Orwell is near complete.  You want to learn about something.  You do an internet search—and be aware that all “alternate” search engines like Duck-Duck-Go utilize the Google algorithms—and what is spewed out is a conformity of what the oligarchy wants you to read.  What you are allowed to read—and nothing else.  And now even dead authors like Roald Dahl are having their works rewritten, which is the job of Winston Smith in 1984.  It is the Ministry of Information.

Psychological Warfare

The oligarchy, the wealthy elites who run the big foundations, are counting on pessimism and demoralization to defeat the American people.  That is why they are spending so much money right now to spread the lie that “Trump can’t win” in 2024, and why they are intent on puffing up Ron DeSantis.  What they want is to convince people to abandon the MAGA fight to retake our nation—because it “can’t be done”—and to be sidetracked into a smaller perspective.  It is precisely that media-induced demoralization which leads to things like the treasonous proposal for a Convention of the States.

The misjudgement which produced the proposal for a “National Divorce” flows from an argument that the Democrats, the Bushies and the Deep State can’t be defeated, that our only hope is to separate.  This is the equivalent of a survivalist building a cabin in the mountains.  This is battle fatigue and induced pessimism—spread day-in and day-out by the media—and nothing more, and the elites are thrilled to lure people into such a dead-end discussion. 

It shouldn’t be necessary to point this out, but it is insane to judge people by labels—Red versus Blue.  People are not static.  They are not simply inanimate pieces of some larger jigsaw puzzle.  Remember, Trump won in 2016, and then was re-elected in 2020 with even more votes.  We don’t need to separate; we are the majority.  Many Hispanics, blacks, Muslims and other working-class people who voted against Trump in 2016, voted FOR him in 2020.  Tens of thousands—and soon to be many more—of “tech” workers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are now being laid off, together with thousands upon thousands of other white-collar employees in cities across the nation.  Some of these places are strongholds of the woke culture, but that culture is now on a collision course with reality.  As Lyndon LaRouche often said, “Eating comes first!”  These people are waiting to be recruited to our movement.

Take it ALL

As this process unfolds and as Trump moves forward with his campaign, expect the attacks against Trump’s supporters to escalate, with the Orwellian media leading the way.  That is a given.  They are desperate.  This is about—and has always been about—Trump.  Some might remember that when Trump first took office, he had assembled a bi-partisan coalition for his infrastructure initiative.  That initiative was wrecked when the news media used the Charlottesville “riot” to launch a massive smear that Trump was a racist.  Then came the Summer of George Floyd, with the largest urban rioting in American history.  Floyd’s life meant nothing to the elite.  It was simply a convenient opportunity to focus people on the Google-steered narrative: “Trump is a racist.  Trump is a racist.” 

Pessimism is your enemy.  Some people like Country and Western music, but there are too many C&W songs of the type which go, “My wife left me, my dog died, and my boss fired me.  My only friend is Jim Beam.”  As stated above, battle fatigue and demoralization lead to mistakes in judgement.  We are not losing this war; we are winning.  We do not need to separate, to “divorce,” in the face of a superior power.  We need to escalate.  Our goal is to take our nation back.  All of it.

On Presidents’ Day, in Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump delivered a speech which he began with an uncompromising commitment to defend Social Security and Medicare.  He denounced Biden’s war policy.  And he promised that on Day One he will begin the process of cleaning out the intelligence agencies, the State Department and the Pentagon.  Our job is to help him do just that.