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This past week, the would-be rulers of the world gathered (virtually) at the Davos World Economic Forum to announce their intention to send mankind back to the Stone Age. (Read LaRouchePAC's coverage of Davos.) They seem to be in a big hurry, as does their would-be American President who is signing executive orders faster than any President in history. Perhaps their haste is being driven by the obvious—their bloated, multi-quadrillion financial bubble is about to burst, and as much as they would like to think they have the world in their hands, the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump have other intentions.

In Class #3, Bruce Director discusses the fatal flaw embedded in the current global financial system from the standpoint of Lyndon LaRouche's breakthrough understanding of the inherent criminality of "systems analysis," as applied to living economic systems. In a 1981 paper (Systems Analysis is White Collar Genocide), LaRouche wrote: "If a society’s economy can be fairly described, over successive periods, by means of linear economic models, that society is very sick, and will die unless radical changes are introduced to its policies of economic practice."

The Davos/Great Reset system of today's British Empire is about to die. It's probably a good idea not to go down with it, but, rather, to master the principles necessary to replace it. This will be the focus of tonight's class with Bruce Director.